Governing Past the Next Election - An IOG and Ipsos Series

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The Series

Starting in August and running through the federal election campaign to October, the IOG and Ipsos will produce a series of research-based thought pieces related to public sector governance in Canada, merging Ipsos survey-based opinion data with the expertise and insights into governance provided by the IOG.

The series will not review political party platforms – that’s for the media and others.  Rather, we will put big issues squarely on the table to spur debate and offer objective and practical solutions for key decision-makers.  We will examine major issues ranging from: public sector governance, health care, immigration, youth engagement, the environment, housing, and fiscal policy all against a backdrop of declining social cohesion.  We will explore positive strategies of how to strengthen social cohesion, democratic participation and the perceived value of government.  

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The series will also have guest contributors from:


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