Governance can and should support your goals. Get the latest trends, research, expertise, and thinking on your side.

Good governance choices can mean the difference between success and failure.

Make the right choices, and you can thrive.

Make the wrong choices, and it could cost your organization – big time.

We can analyze the pressures your organization is facing today and prepare it to handle the issues and challenges of tomorrow.

We can offer solutions to help you accomplish your goals, and support you in implementing your governance decisions.

Project & Initiative

IOG Public Governance Certification Program

The IOG is developing a Public Governance Certification Program built

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CanGovBetter – A Governance Agenda for Canada’s Public Sector

An exploration of how public institutions can adapt to a

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Top of Mind – An Annual Consultation with Today’s Public Sector Leaders

Explore the key challenges, valuable lessons and anticipated future trends

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Government Science and Innovation in the New Normal

A multi-year, collaborative research initiative designed to support medium-term planning

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An Examination of How Social Media Narratives Affect Trust in Government

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Make Meaningful Change

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Digital Governance Policy Dialogues

Helping you keep pace with the speed of digital change 

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Rebuilding Cohesion and Trust: Why Government Needs Civil Society

Recommendations to improve the way in which governments at all

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The Public Governance Exchange (PGEx)

The learnings from PGEx continue to shape the advisory, educational, and research

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Indigenous Governance

We are proud of our track record in supporting Indigenous governance,

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We don’t wait to lead.

IOG is also proud to take a leadership role in advancing specific governance initiatives for maximum impact.

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