IOG Governance Scorecard

Successful organizations start with good governance

The IOG Governance Scorecard provides a measurement of the overall quality of your organization’s governance using four key drivers, each with associated indicators:

  1. Mandate and legitimacy
  2. Strategic capacity
  3. Accountability and transparency
  4. Stewardship.

How do we assess your governance?

Using the Governance Scorecard drivers, we will evaluate your organization and assign an evidence-based numerical rating to each driver. We use the ratings from these drivers to give you an overall governance score and to give you a sense of the governance health of your organization.

If you are looking for a bigger-picture evaluation for your organization—in other words, if you aren’t looking to crunch the numbers—we can also apply the Governance Scorecard without numerical ratings, in which case the drivers of good governance outlined in the Scorecard will guide a qualitative assessment.

You can choose to either receive the results of your scorecard or work with our experts on recommendations and next steps on your good governance journey.

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