Public Governance

Grow your organization. Grow public trust.

In Canada and throughout the democratic world, public governance is undergoing significant pressure and disruptions. These are giving rise to new risks and oversight challenges which existing institutions, structures, and practices are struggling to address.

We study current trends, analyze root causes, predict emerging influences, and provide advice on principled paths toward better outcomes – for organizations and for citizens.


Karl Salgo

Senior Advisor

Expertise: Public Governance, Public Sector Governance, including the machinery of government   Degree(s): BA (St Michael’s College, UofT), JD (Faculty of Law, UofT), MPA (School of Policy Studies, Queens University)  Karl advises government on all aspects of public sector governance, including institutional capacity, the center of government, organizational design and effectiveness, accountability, oversight, and risk management. He has led […]

IOG specializes in expert-led advisory services to build public trust.

Public governance missteps today can have long-lasting consequences and undermine critical relationships.

Draw on our decades of public sector experience to avoid missteps.

Distinguish your organization by taking steps now to build public trust.

Benefit from our in-house research and innovation teams. Take what has worked and is working and future-proof it, while making any needed fixes and adjustments.

Charting a principled path forward that can build trust will ensure the longevity and continued relevance of your organization, and ensure that principles like voice, performance, and accountability are translated into meaningful actions and indicators.

Our expert guides will help you get where you need to go.

The IOG Difference

Our non-partisan, impartial experts have extensive leadership experience, and high degrees of technical proficiency, in industry and public service. Working with them will prime you to navigate the mounting pressures on public governance, effectively address modern challenges, and – ultimately – deliver on your mandate of serving others.

Building people’s trust in your organization has never been more important — or more difficult.

Our advisory services, thought leadership initiatives, and research projects – coupled with proprietary tools to measure success – are a winning mix to build trust for the long term.

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Public Governance

Grow your organization. Grow public trust. In Canada and throughout…

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Public Governance

Grow your organization. Grow public trust. In Canada and throughout…

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