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Executive Leadership Program on Municipal Intergovernmental Relations

Stay tuned for details about our next cohort.

Stay tuned for news about our next cohort

Helping Municipal Leaders Maximize Opportunities and Achieve Real Results

Our Executive Leadership Program on Municipal Intergovernmental Relations helps municipal leaders deal effectively with contacts and counterparts at the federal and provincial levels.

Municipal government employees are being stretched as governance in Canada evolves.

This evolution brings both challenges and opportunities in intergovernmental relationships.

Infrastructure, transit, immigration/resettlement (to name but a few areas) are blurring traditional jurisdictional lines, while the biggest issues of our time demand ‘all-hands’ approaches. Municipal leaders are demanding the tools, resources, and training to be most effective in their expanding roles and to better deliver for their constituencies

If you are a senior municipal public servant who deals with the federal and provincial governments, our program can help you by:

  • Teaching the ‘how’ and ‘why’ your fed/prov counterparts operate the way they do
  • Developing strategies and tools to deal more effectively with other government orders
  • Sensitizing you to the biggest challenges at other levels of government and exploring/reframing the path forward
  • Engaging you in virtual interactive learning discussions based on real-world issues.


Brad Graham

Vice President, Toronto

Expertise: Public Governance, Public Policy, Economics, Health, Finance, Urban Planning Degree(s): BA Economics, Dalhousie University Certification(s) & designation(s): Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto Brad Graham is Vice President, Toronto, at the Institute on Governance (IOG) and a Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and […]

Stay tuned for news about our next cohort!

Email us at registration@iog.ca to inquire about future cohorts.

The IOG Difference 

Trust is an essential ingredient in liberal democratic societies and representative democracies. But public trust declines whenever institutions fail to meet citizens’ needs. 

Our experts understand better than anyone the interface between governments and public trust, and have studied how different orders of government can work together to preserve and maintain trust. Put our expertise to work for you. 

“The program left me with many actionable take-aways for my day-to-day work in municipal government relations. The ability to hear directly from experts working in the field was especially useful and made the investment of time and training dollars well worth it. I’m encouraging my staff and other colleagues to attend.”

Municipality Manager & Program Alumni

Learn about Canada’s Governance Journey

Program Costs & Location

Includes course tuition, all course materials and online tools used during the course.


As a not-for-profit, the IOG does not collect HST.

Location: You will the Executive Leadership Program on Municipal Intergovernmental Relations across a network of virtual platforms and tools, all of which can be accessed from home, the office or at any convenient location.

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