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Owner by the Institute on Governance, the SCHOR 360 provides you with a flexible and strong feedback instrument that is aligned to the new (2015) Leadership Competencies of the Public Service of Canada and can be adapted to your organization or context. The confidential and electronic process includes a one-on-one debrief coaching conversation with one of our certified debriefers.


  • A supervisor or a manager looking to get feedback from your colleagues?
  • Undertaking a leadership development program and want insights on your areas of development?
  • An executive looking to provide your management team with an individual and team development tool?



Departing from traditional feedback instruments, the SCHOR360 asks your respondents how your behavior compares with their expectations of a leader. The feedback you obtain is not a rating or judgement of your behavior against an ideal academic model, but rather how your leadership is perceived by your colleagues.

An effective leader...

  • Strives to improve,
  • Communicates effectively,
  • Helps his/her team,
  • Observes how the team is doing and obtains
  • Results.

SCHOR360 is at the heart of your success as a leader.

The SCHOR360 questionnaire also includes rich open-ended questions that will provide you with useful detailed feedback.


  • SCHOR360 is based on a robust methodology that can be used at all levels up to senior management.
  • The instrument is completely confidential.
  • The process includes a 1-hour individual coaching conversation with a certified debriefer.
  • Group reports are available to identify trends and patterns within an intact team.
  • The instrument is available in many languages including French and English.


The cost of this instrument is $490/person including electronic questionnaire administration, feedback report and a 1-hour individual coaching conversation.

Discounts for multiple candidates. Group pricing available.

For offerings on site for your organization, please contact the Learning Centre at learningcentre@iog.ca or 613-562-0090. 

If you or your organization are interesting in becoming a certified debriefer for SCHOR 360, we offer certification sessions regularly. Please contact us to learn more.