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Gain a deep insight into yourself and your colleagues. Uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships.

What is Insights Discovery and Team Effectiveness?

This program, offered to individuals or teams, helps you understand who you are and how you interact with others; it's depth of insight can take you to a place that you may not be expecting. It helps you team make a breakthrough by moving beyond an issue that it's struggling with, whether it's a change of leader, high workloads, or simply a lack of ideas. 

If you want to: 

  • Understand your unique personality;
  • develop interpersonal skills;
  • improve your communication skills;
  • and create better personal and professional relationships

Insights Discovery might be right for you. 

If you want to:

  • Identify your team's strengths and challenges;
  • create space for open and honest dialogue within the team; 
  • overcome an obstacle that's holding the team back; 
  • and develop action plans for continuous improvement

Insights Team Effectiveness might be right for your team. 

How it works

Insights Discovery uses a simple and accessible four color model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. We measure these preferences based on responses to a short online evaluator. One of the outputs is a 20 page personality profile, which identifies strengths and areas for development.

Insights Discovery has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually validated and refined by our research team to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful.

We can either deliver this to you as individual or we can deliver it to your team. Class sizes are usually 10 to 25 people. You can either come to IOG offices in Ottawa's ByWard Market or we can come to you. 

In this one-day workshop, facilitators will go through the theory, identify you and your teams 'colours', and facilitate and debrief the team discussion. 

Insights' Solutions are

Simple: easy to understand so everyone can apply what they learn.    

Universal: they speak to everyone – your whole organization will be captivated by the Insights magic.

Deeply Insightful: they take you places that you never expected.

Positive: our supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.

Fun!: the memorable color energy system that really sticks.

To get started, contact us at learningcentre@iog.ca.