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Coaching Services

You need to be well prepared and informed before making career changes, or entering into a selection process? Working with one of our counselors, you will be supported while preparing for a selection process. You may also simply require some mentoring support from an experienced former senior executive who has “been there and done that”.


  • Considering the next steps in your career but would appreciate some guidance?
  • Getting ready for an interview process but not sure where to start?
  • Wondering how a selection process works?



  • Understand the detailed steps involved in a selection process;
  • Review your CV and your cover letter/application as appropriate;
  • Discuss the requirements of written exams;
  • Prepare your stories/examples;
  • Review what to do and what not to do in an interview;
  • Obtain a better appreciation for the type of questions and how to approach answering them;
  • Understand the importance of structure in an answer;
  • Time management.


Access to a former senior executive (from director to deputy minister) who can guide you in your decision making process:

  • One on One delivery. Face to face meetings are scheduled either in our premises or at the client’s office.
  • Telephone/Skype. We have some regional representation but we can easily offer services by phone to any client around the world.


This service is offered at an hourly rate of $350. Multiple-client coaching within an organization can be arranged at a reduced rate.

For additional information, please contact the Learning Centre at learningcentre@iog.ca or 613-562-0090.