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Lead Action

Lead Action and the IOG have joined forces to offer you a superior offering of public sector leadership and governance.

Lead Action is bringing under the IOGs banner:

  • Leadership programs for aspiring executives and Indigenous employees;
  • short, two-day programs;
  • a wide range of tools and services including Insights Discovery, executive coaching, and 360-degree feedback products and;
  • more to come.

We are welcoming François Gagnon as Vice-President of the Learning Lab. He brings rich experience in the area of public sector learning and leadership, most recently as founder and President of Lead-Action, and will be using his knowledge and expertise to build on the IOG’s strong reputation in this area.

Please contact François with any questions you may have about any of Lead Actions former offerings. He can be reached at fgagnon@iog.ca or 613-562-0090 ext 202.