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Leading Through C19 V2

In this important and topical series, hosted by IOG President Toby Fyfe, we tackle your most pressing questions and answers. 

Every Thursday at 12:30 pm EST, we will talk to experienced leaders and experts who have faced the challenges you are now dealing with. They will share their knowledge and lessons learned and answer your biggest questions. 

We know you haven’t much time. These live YouTube webcasts could be a short as 20 minutes, or as long as the questions keep coming. 

We have been monitoring public service concerns and challenges through our networks of government leaders and officials and are putting together a dynamic program. If you have any leaders or topics you want to hear from, please send your ideas to rhollett@iog.ca.

The series will be streamed directly to our YouTube Channel. We will be taking questions and sharing the link to each webcast on Twitter. To attend and participate, follow us on Twitter and join us on YouTube every Thursday at 12:30PM.

Follow us on Twitter and participate using the hashtag #LeadingThroughC19.

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Thursdays at 12:30PM: 

This series is brought to you with the support of SAS.

Together, we can make a difference with passion, expertise and technology. Click here to learn more about SAS COVID-19 Response in this resource hub.

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Check out this complimentary and on-demand webinar, hosted by SAS:

Using Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights in the COVID-19 Outbreak: This webinar will show how analytics techniques like optimization, forecasting and epidemiological modeling can help public health and life sciences companies fight the pandemic.

Upcoming Webcasts

  • Thursday, June 4 - Communicating in a crisis with James Baxter, former publisher of iPolitics
  • Thursday, June 11 - AI analytics during a pandemic: what we can take for the future with Steve Bennett, SAS.
James Baxter Leading Through Covid19
Video starts at 14m30s. Leadership lessons from a crisis - Mel Cappe, former Clerk of the Privy Council who led the federal public service and the country through 911. Thursday April 2. ​