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As Canada and the world experience the global pandemic that is COVID-19, the word ‘unprecedented’ is continually used in conversations and coverage of this unfolding crisis.  The challenges government leaders and officials are facing are most certainly ‘unprecedented’, with high expectations from citizens, business, and media.

We are here to help you navigate through the crisis. 

How Can We Help?

Coaching Services

In these unprecedented times, leaders need to be the best that they can be. We are here to help you through this. 

With a team of experienced and highly skilled professional coaches, we can help you build your skills, tackle crisis-related challenges head-on, and achieve your professional goals. Every session is unique and every outcome is tailored to your needs.

Most people who take advantage of our coaching services spend many sessions with their coach – we invest the time with you that you need. If you are interested, please contact Francois Gagnon, our VP of Learning, who will consult with you on your needs and match you to one of our experts. Each coaching session happens one-to-one in a virtual space. Coaching services cost $350 per hour.

Francois can be reached by email at fgagnon@iog.ca

Build the Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence of Your Team

Leaders and teams from across Canada are facing a new work-from-home environment. The stress and challenge this puts on them can be extremely intense, especially for teams under pressure to deliver. We have two virtual training sessions that can help:

  1. Resiliency Mapping
    Get a handle on your stress points and start thinking about what needs to be done to improve your ability to deal with the day to day grind and the stress that goes with it. Easily measure the complex human factors that impact your resiliency and improve how you and your team manage stress in the workplace.

    You can learn more about this tool by clicking here or contacting us at learningcentre@iog.ca.
  2. EQ Mapping
    Develop and best use your emotional intelligence (EQ) as a key to accessing that untapped potential in yourself and your teams. EQ is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power acumen of emotions as a source of energy, information, creativity, trust, and connection.

    You can learn more about this tool by clicking here or contacting us at learningcentre@iog.ca.

Optimize Your Team's Time in the New Normal

We've heard from leaders at all levels that for many public servants, now is the time to build their skills and learn as much as they can. We are offering a full slate of courses this spring that will help with this. We are flexible in getting your team registered; this includes: 

  • Instant online registration with credit card payments or invoice later options
  • We will accept email registrations with a supervisors authorization
  • We have IOG Learning Accounts available to departments. Under one umbrella agreement, employees can register to any and all courses available
  • Customizable content to suit the needs of your team

You can find the full webinar outline and course lineup here.

We Have a Team of Good Governance Professionals Ready to Help You

Let us bring our expertise to your team or mandate with a suite of advisory services. Contact us at info@iog.ca to start the conversation.

Leading Through COVID-19 Webcast Series

In this important and topical series, hosted by IOG President Toby Fyfe, we tackle your most pressing questions and answers. 

Every Thursday at 12:30 pm EST, we will talk to experienced leaders and experts who have faced the challenges you are now dealing with. They will share their knowledge and lessons learned and answer your biggest questions.

And every Monday at 8:15 am EST, start your week with a briefing from Ipsos Canada President Mike Colledge, who will give you the most up to date analysis on what Canadians are thinking about COVID-19.

Tune in every week as we help you lead through the challenges ahead. 

Learn more about the series here. Subscribe and watch from our YouTube Channel here