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The Institute on Governance is proud to offer public servants a large slate of leadership and learning opportunities such as the Executive Leadership Program, immersive two-day boot camps, conferences, workshops and our expansive selection of Day Courses. These Day Courses are our most accessible and convenient learning opportunities for public servants, both new and tenured, to grow their professional knowledge. The IOG Question Period is a fantastic opportunity to test your knowledge of these Day Courses on the topics of Government Essentials.

The IOG Question Period is a month-long trivia series that begins July 4th and runs till August 3rd. On Twitter, each Wednesday at 12:00 pm a member of the IOG team will ask a question that relates to one of our Day Courses. Tweet us your reply by the following Friday with the hashtag #IOGQuestionPeriod. The winner will receive a discount with the Learning Lab.

Welcome to Round 1 of the IOG Question Period. This week we are exploring Government Essentials.

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