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A Message from Toby Fyfe, President, Institute on Governance

Leadership programs for the public service of today prepare leaders for the public service of tomorrow. Our institutions face a world of declining public trust, disruptive change, and complex issues. Managing as usual is simply not an option.

Participants in our IOG leadership programs are able to get away from day-to-day pressures. Led by former senior public servants who bring a world of leadership experience to the table, participants debate key issues about the future of government and their role in it with first-class speakers and colleagues, and hone personal leadership skills that they then bring back to the office.

Participants attending the IOG leadership programs are offered that most precious of commodities – time. Time with our IOG leadership programs is not only an investment in the individual, but an investment in the future of that greatest of institutions, the public service.

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Our Leadership Programs


The IOG will be launching 5 leadership programs this fall

To register a leader to any of our programs, send an email to registration@iog.ca with the following information: Participant name, email, phone number, department, and position. We will be in touch shortly thereafter with the next steps.

Virtual Executive Leadership Program

The IOG’s unique Virtual Executive Leadership Program (vELP) is for committed public sector leaders across all departments and levels of government who are being be called upon to implement the “new normal” of the post-COVID-19 world. Leaders will be expected to lead in a new way, stay connected, and engage others differently while still achieving the best public results.

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Digital Executive Leadership Program

The Digital Executive Leadership Program is the first of its kind in Canada. IOG has partnered with digital government expert Ryan Androsoff to create a program that helps participants develop and enhance the strategic leadership competencies and technical literacy needed to be an effective government executive in the digital age. With a focus on user-centric and agile approaches, the program challenges participants to re-think traditional processes in government organizations to better adapt to a rapidly changing policy and service delivery landscape.

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Virtual Leadership Development Program in Science and Innovation

The Leadership Development Program in Science and Innovation (LDPSI) is a 9-day program in which participants study the cultures of science, innovation and policy, where they intersect, how they work together, and how they influence Canadian society and how individuals can have impact and achieve results.

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Executive Leadership Program on Municipal Intergovernmental Relations

The unique Executive Leadership Program in Municipal Intergovernmental Affairs will help municipal leaders to understand and develop effective strategies in dealing with the federal and provincial governments.

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Stepping into the Executive Cadre

Stepping Into the Executive Cadre is a program designed to help public servants move into the executive. Participants will learn management and leadership concepts, leadership competencies and best practices, and innovation and change management.

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Why the Executive Leadership Program is needed at this time

Iog Sample

"Congratulations to IOG on its Executive Leadership Program. We just don’t have enough of these. [...] With huge attrition rates, we are moving a lot of people in the EX cadre and the more we can support these individuals to become executives early on, the better we will be."