Building Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

1 day courseIn Ottawa, ON
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There is near consensus that the conditions of Indigenous peoples in Canada rank as one of our most serious shortcomings as a nation. Unacceptable gaps separate First Nations, Métis and Inuit people from other Canadians in terms of education attainment, employment and housing, and Indigenous communities continue to report disproportionate high rates of fetal alcohol syndrome, teen suicides, and chronic diseases such as diabetes.

In recent years the efforts of Indigenous, Provincial and Federal governments has somewhat shifted from focusing on broader self-government initiatives and improved Indigenous governance to developing appropriate and effective methods to meet the obligations affirmed through Section 35 to “consult and accommodate.” Previous efforts to address Aboriginal and treaty rights on a comprehensive basis have in part been eclipsed by individual and site-specific consultation initiatives of a much more narrow scope. Indigenous populations are seeking a fair share of economic benefits from their traditional territories and the opportunity to participate as partners in development.

Departments are looking for new ways to deliver on their Ministers’ mandate letters, which state “[n]o relationship is more important to me (the Prime Minister) and to Canada than the one with Indigenous Peoples. It is time for a renewed nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples, based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation, and partnership.” This new mandate requires fostering new relationships and practical approaches that result in the desired outcome of improved socio-economic conditions for Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

To help address these needs, the Institute on Governance (IOG) is continuing to build its Indigenous practice by focusing on the key challenges facing government today.

What you will gain

Participants will leave the course with a base knowledge and more informed professional philosophy of the key issues facing them today:

  • Gaining knowledge of the history and realities of Indigenous peoples in Canada;
  • Understanding the legal framework for Indigenous rights and the federal “Duty to Consult and Accommodate;”
  • Exploring fundamentals of building new relationships with Indigenous peoples;
  • Reviewing past frameworks of consultation; and
  • Facilitating progress and practical resolutions.

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1 day courseIn Ottawa, ON
This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled.

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