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How Government Works

January 23, 2018

An overview of the structures, processes and players of the Canadian government.

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Policy 3: Behavioural "Nudge" Economics - Innovation in Policymaking

January 25, 2018

Learn to navigate the complex policy landscape and create the conditions for success.

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Delivering "Deliverology" (Results & Delivery)

January 31, 2018

Prepare your organisation to plan, implement and report based on the expectations of deliverology (delivery and results) and the new Policy on Results.

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Building Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

February 1, 2018

New mandates require fostering new relationships and practical approaches that result in the desired outcome of improved socio-economic conditions for Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

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Strengthening Your Political Savvy

February 5, 2018

An introduction to the skills and abilities for understanding and cultivating your political acuity in the federal public service.

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Innovation, Science and Governance 1: Innovation and Science in Government

February 6, 2018

A discussion of the rationale for science in government, how science priorities are established and the role of science in a government setting.

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