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Lunch and Learn - Taking Science into Policy – Case Studies and Discussion

April 25, 2018

Those in both the policy and science spheres can discuss and learn from case studies coming from two sources: participants' own challenges and the IOG.

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Policy 2: Policy Making in a Changing Environment

April 25, 2018

Take policy-making to the next level so that you can better navigate the complex policy landscape to create the conditions for success.

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Innovation, Science and Governance 1: Innovation and Science in Government

May 2, 2018

A discussion of the rationale for science in government, how science priorities are established and the role of science in a government setting.

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Policy 3: Behavioural "Nudge" Economics - Innovation in Policymaking

May 4, 2018

Learn to navigate the complex policy landscape and create the conditions for success.

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How Government Works

May 8, 2018

An overview of the structures, processes and players of the Canadian government.

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Performance Measurement: Supporting Delivery of Results

May 10, 2018

Design, implement and use performance measurement systems to manage and report on program results as outlined in the new TB Policy on Results and the government’s Results & Delivery approach.

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