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Demystifying the Treasury Board Submission Process

June 27, 2018

Learn about the theory and practice of TB submissions to help make submission-writing a surmountable challenge.

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Innovation, Science and Governance 1: Innovation and Science in Government

July 11, 2018

A discussion of the rationale for science in government, how science priorities are established and the role of science in a government setting.

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How Government Works

July 12, 2018

An overview of the structures, processes and players of the Canadian government.

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The Memoranda to Cabinet Development Process

July 17, 2018

An overview of the process employed in the development of Memoranda to Cabinet (MC), as well as an appreciation of the purpose, structure and mandate of Cabinet and key committees.

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Policy 1: Reviewing the Fundamentals

July 17, 2018

An overview of how policy is developed and put into practice by the federal government.

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Innovation and "Nudge" Economics - New Policy Frontiers

July 18, 2018

​The government has signalled that it expects innovation as well as solid policy advice. Explore new concepts like behavioural or ‘nudge’ economics, integrative thinking and design thinking.

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