Results and Performance Bundle

The IOG has developed a ‘bundle’ of three courses that are essential to meeting the government’s Results and Delivery priority.

The bundle includes:

Results, Delivery and Data Analytics - Roadmap for Success
Project Management: Implementation for Delivery Excellence
Performance Measurement: Supporting Delivery of Results

These three courses will prepare public servants tasked with any aspect of Results and Delivery to proactively prepare to meet the needs of the government.

Last year the IOG developed a cutting edge course on ‘Deliverology’ that was consistently sold out and received rave reviews. (“Best course on the subject.” A timely course; thank you IOG.” “Your knowledgable instructor and classroom activities make learning fun and useful.”)

Building on this success, we've upped the game by adding a session on the use of analytics to get better results. Learn about the different types of analytics available and when to use different approaches.

Almost all of the participants identified a need for project management training, performance management learning opportunities and a workshop on leveraging analytics to compliment the ‘Deliverology’ training. The IOG has responded by developing and offering all three courses this year.

Taken individually, each day course costs $990.00. Participants who register to take more than one course during a given quarter will receive a discount.

Don’t be left behind in meeting the demands of the Results and Delivery agenda this year. Seasoned public servants will provide you with the most up to date information and anecdotes of lessons learned and best practices in all three areas.

For more information or to register, please contact Heather at or (613) 562-0090 x200.

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