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Informed Participation Solutions

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A new joint venture with IOG, Middle Ground Policy Research, Publivate, and PACE Public Affairs & Community Engagement.

The Institute on Governance is pleased to announce that it will lead Informed Participation Solutions (IPS), a new joint venture with Middle Ground Policy Research, Publivate, and PACE Public Affairs & Community Engagement.

Trust in government is in decline and social polarization has been growing in Canada. The IPS Joint Venture sees this as due in part to an increasing complexity in the issues. This can make difficult tradeoffs impossible to explain and undermine the legitimacy of governments who try.

IPS restores legitimacy and rebuilds trust by giving citizens a meaningful say in such decisions. It blends new and emerging tools for public deliberation, such as narrative building and Artificial Intelligence, to help governments manage these issues in new ways.

IPS will be a full-service public engagement provider unlike any other in Canada. Our team includes some of the most experienced practitioners in the field.

Our services go well beyond providing advice or designing and delivering engagement processes. The IPS Joint Venture includes a unique and ambitious program to transfer knowledge and skills to our clients through real-time, project-based training, as well as courses and workshops.

IPS is registered as a qualified service provider for the Government of Canada’s Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement system.

Who We Are

Informed Participation Solutions (IPS) is a Standing Offer & Supply Arrangement ready, Ottawa-based team of highly experienced public-engagement practitioners from four organizations:

  • The Institute on Governance is one of Canada’s leading public-interest institutions and provides governments with research, training, and advice on good governance. IOG is a registered charitable organization and governed by a Board of Directors. Follow IOG on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Middle Ground Policy Research is an internationally-recognized leader in the development of innovative engagement methodologies and techniques for solving complex issues. Follow Middle Ground Policy Research on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Publivate provides world-class in person, virtual and online solutions for public engagement. This includes leading expertise, methodologies, and a suite of the most advanced virtual and online tools to support the right collaborative dialogue. Follow Publivate on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • PACE Public Affairs & Community Engagement is a Canadian leader in engagement practices and solutions at the community level. Follow PACE on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your IPS Partner Can Help:

  • Revise regulations that once shaped an industry but now bring stakeholders into conflict
  • Develop a winning strategy involving stakeholders, provinces, territories and Indigenous governments
  • Bring diverging voices to the table in a safe, inclusive, and mutually respectful manner
  • Reach stakeholders to gather and analyze feedback, quickly and efficiently

For further information contact:

Samuel Wells (P) 613.562.0090 (E)

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