Memorandum to Cabinet Development Process

Review and practice the process employed in the development of MCs, as well as gain an appreciation of the purpose, structure and mandate of Cabinet and its key committees.

Negotiation Skills

Build the skills and confidence to deal with conflicting positions and interests through principled negotiation. Understanding your own goals and interests and the other sides’, and reach a win-win solution.

Policy 1: Reviewing the Fundamentals

Build the foundations and expand your knowledge as a skilled and confident policy analyst in a complex and changing policy environment.

Policy 2: Policy-making in a Changing Environment

Build on your existing policy analysis skills with a comprehensive overview on how to generate a broad range of policy options to address new or existing policy challenges in a changing environment.

Policy 3: Behavioural “Nudge” Economics

Explore and practice behavioural “Nudge” economics as a proven tool in governments around the world for policy development, implementation and engagement that are better aligned with modern policy challenges.

Project Management

Set your projects up for success using a project management approach, from scoping to planning to execution and evaluation. Use the best practices with actual public sector examples.

Results, Delivery and Data Analytics

Learn skills that are relevant to your work in results and delivery, using data analytics.

Stepping Into the Executive Cadre

Includes mix of ‘in-class’ modules, a travel study tour, and coaching sessions.

To Be or Not to Be an Executive

This three-afternoons webinar will give you insight into the world of an executive. It will enable you, in a safe space, to practice your skills and ascertain your state of readiness for the next step in your career.

Understanding the Expenditure Management System

Gain practical tips and strategies for understanding, addressing and working with the reporting and accountability requirements of the current Expenditure Management System.