Advancing Organizational Anti-Racism

This is a one-day training that aims to deepen participants' understanding of racism, its impact, and strategies to combat it. It is suitable for individuals interested in understanding and combating racism, across all sectors, and aims to promote inclusive and equitable practices in organizations.

Appearing Before a Parliamentary Committee

IOG's Customized Course for Senior Public Servants

Briefings on Demand Part 1: Written Briefs

Build your skills, explore key tools, and practice writing effective briefing notes.

Briefings on Demand Part 2: Oral Briefs

Explore and practice skills and tips on how your oral briefs can support your senior decision-makers.

Communications for Leaders

Develop empowering and dynamic communication skills to increase team members’ motivation and commitment.

Conflict Management

Identify, explore, and practice key skills that you can use in managing conflict in relationships and situations at work.

Demystifying the Treasury Board Submission Process

We will lead you through interactive discussions and real-life case studies, and take you through the guide to preparing Treasury Board Submissions.

Design Thinking and Innovation Hubs

Explore concepts and practical applications of design thinking, integrative thinking, lateral thinking and other creative ways of re-imagining policy problems.

Digital Executive Leadership Program - Hybrid Delivery

Governments around the world are struggling to keep pace with the unprecedented disruptions of the digital era. IOG can help you distinguish yourself as someone who grasps the opportunity of these times and reconceptualizes authority, accountability, and the role of government today. Tuition includes all course materials for 4-day virtual bootcamp + 2-day in-person workshop and evening event, online tools (including use of a virtual reality headset for the week), and inclusion in our DELP alumni network.

Fundamentals of Leadership

Understand the fundamentals of public sector leadership and gain insights from the experience of public executives.