Workshop: Blockchain in Government

1 day eventIn Ottawa, ON
  • March 22, 20188:30am - 5:00pm

Come and learn how blockchain is being implemented by leaders in Canadian governments

Recognizing the opportunities for Canadian governments to lead in blockchain technology implementation, the Institute on Governance – a member of the Canadian-based Blockchain Research Institute – will host a workshop that will help public servants understand blockchain technology, the Canadian blockchain ecosystem, projects that have been piloted by government within Canada and abroad, and learn how to identify use cases for blockchain within their own business areas.

Why should blockchain be a priority for government?

Blockchain technology has the potential to redefined digital trust, allowing parties who do not trust each other to transact in confidence in a secure environment. By supporting secure open data and increased operational efficiencies, public sector use cases for blockchain offer the promise of not only staving off further declines, but winning back the trust of citizens.

What will you learn?

This unique workshop will introduce public servants to blockchain technology and its application to governments, including the benefits, limitations, and risk management. The event will leave participants with the knowledge and tools to allow them to assess whether blockchain technology is a viable solution for their business line, and how to approach implementing blockchain technology.   

Participants will include John Knubley (Deputy Minister, ISED) Namir Anani (CEO of ICTC), Hilary Carter (Director of Faculty, Blockchain Research Institute), and Troy MacFarlane (TBS CIO Branch) as well as first-hand experiences of those working on blockchain projects within the government.

Seating is limited so register now.


The cost for this full-day event is $895 per person. As a not-for-profit the IOG does not charge tax.

More information and group discounts

If you send two or more people, discounts are available.  Contact Matt Jackson at or at 613- 562-0090 x 287 for details or more information.

More about the event

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This event's agenda can be downloaded in PDF format here:

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