The 7th Annual Jean Pierre Gaboury Symposium

1 day eventIn Ottawa, ON
  • June 21, 20178:00am - 1:30pm

The Institute on Governance is proud to be able to host the 7th Annual Jean Pierre Gaboury Symposium recognizing the participants of the Parliamentary Internship Programme (PIP). We believe that furthering the study and understanding of Canada’s parliamentary institutions is essential to building a robust and vibrant democracy, supported by strong public institutions.

The Symposium provides PIP interns with a chance to present publicly original research papers that they’ve prepared as part of the academic component of the Programme. Ms. Beverley Isles, Clerk Assistant (House Proceedings), will address interns in an informal discussion.


The Seventh Annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium is an event to commemorate the contributions of former PIP Director Jean-Pierre Gaboury to the Programme and to the Canadian scholarship on politics and Parliament. He was the longest service Director of the Programme, fulfilling this role on two occasions from 1975-77 and 2002-08. During his tenure, Jean-Pierre placed great emphasis on the academic component of the Programme that seeks to advance scholarship and public understanding of our parliamentary institutions. Jean-Pierre passed away on March 18, 2011.

Parliamentary Internship Programme (PIP)

For more than forty years, PIP has advanced the education of young Canadians and the development of Canadian democracy by providing ten university graduates each year with the opportunity to work and study on Parliament Hill. During the internship, they assist Members of Parliament on both sides of the House of Commons with committee and constituency work while undertaking academic research, weekly seminars and comparative study tours to legislatures across Canada and abroad.

Originally conceived by Mr. Alfred Hales, Member of Parliament for Wellington (1957-1974), the Programme has supported 470 young Canadians and provided assistance to approximately 800 Members of Parliament over the years. Alumni have made significant contributions to Canadian public life as leaders in their communities, in academe, in journalism and as key decision-makers in both the private and public sectors.

The Programme is independent of government and non-partisan. It is an initiative of the Canadian Political Science Association delivered in cooperation with the House of Commons. It operates under the auspices of the Speaker with financial support from private and public sector friends and sponsors, the engagement of Members of Parliament and the commitment of former parliamentarians, interns and alumni.

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