Second Annual Digital Governance Forum

2 day eventIn Ottawa, ON
  • May 12, 20168:00am - 5:00pm
  • May 13, 20168:00am - 5:00pm

Co-organized by the Institute on Governance and the Centre for Public Impact, and supported by its partner institutions, the second annual Digital Governance Forum brought together citizens, elected officials, academics, public servants, and industry leaders over the course of two days to discuss these and related questions.

This year’s forum focused on ‘Democratic Governance in a Networked Age’, exploring how digital culture provides new governance opportunities for Westminster democracies like Canada’s, enabling the development of public institutions that are more open, collaborative, responsive and inclusive. The forum’s panels generated follow-on questions and observations on the state of practice and future directions, as well as concrete, practical recommendations aimed at ensuring that our governing institutions have the competencies and expertise they need to meet changing citizen expectations and to deliver results quickly and effectively.

We discussed new and innovative ways to: advise leaders; engage citizens and stakeholders; build new cultures in our institutions and polity; define collective interests; share, lever and protect data; and understand how Westminster governance is now working and could work in the digital era.

We invite you to watch highlights from the forum as well as behind the scenes video interviews and podcasts from some of our speakers. We will be posting videos, podcasts and articles from the Forum over the next month and encourage you to check back or follow us on twitter @IOGca.

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The Adobe Conference Centre
343 Preston Street
Ottawa, Ontario