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  • April 6, 20215:30pm - 7:00pm
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Many aficionados of the Canadian Arctic are afflicted with infrastructure envy. The deficiency is hard to miss when we compare Canada’s Northern infrastructure to that of our seven circumpolar neighbours, including southeast Alaska, Finland, Norway, and Russia. The evidence is hard to dispute: Over the past 50 years, these nations have invested trillions of dollars in ports, roads, rail, energy, and telecommunications.

In the same period, Canada chose to invest time, policy development, and money in political self-determination through devolution, land-claim settlements, and self-government. At first glance, comparing the two approaches to Northern or Arctic development is like comparing apples and oranges. A deeper look reveals an opportunity for Canada to close the gap with long-term, ongoing investment in strategic infrastructure that could one day be the envy of its Arctic neighbours. The question is: how? 

What should be Canada’s long-term plan for infrastructure development in the North? What provisions might that plan include to developing local capacity in infrastructure planning, design, investment and construction? Who will guide investments in the North to ensure green, sustainable investments that protect what we love about the Arctic and what the Arctic provides Canada? 

Join us for a conversation to imagine the future of social, economic and green infrastructure in Canada’s Arctic.

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