Executive Group Services Directors In the new Digital Age

1 day eventIn Ottawa, ON
  • October 3, 20188:30am - 4:30pm
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This workshop will be hosted by the IOG, with the participation of Korn Ferry. The IOG offers leading expertise that is rooted in its innovative leadership practices, ongoing and applied research and practice-based insights. Korn Ferry is an international consultancy specialized in talent management of executives in governments and in the private sector.

In the new digital age of government, the role of Executive Group Services Directors is becoming more demanding. Deputy Heads are relying on you to find and implement the most innovative and impactful strategies to support executive sourcing, talent management and development, performance management and for building a cohesive executive community in your department.

You find yourself in a role that is evolving quickly in a much more complex, technology-driven environment. Now more than ever, leadership is critical for the coming of a decentralized, web-based government – one that is doing away with the old hierarchical and rule-based government culture. For the Federal Public Service that has a widespread, significant change agenda, a higher premium will be placed on a new type of leadership, and on your ability to meet your department’s talent requirements:

1. Do you have a thorough understanding of key leadership attributes that will be required in the more and more technology-driven Public Service and, how these new competencies and character traits may be similar or may differ from competencies required in other sectors?

2. Can you guide your organization strategically in your role to build leadership capacity, beyond transactional activities such as staffing or classification?

3. Do you feel sufficiently equipped to help your Deputy Head find, develop and build?
a. Strategic leadership capacity in the digital age

b. Team leadership capacity

c. Technical leadership capacity

4. Do you have the practical tool kit to work on an enterprise basis, as opposed to having a departmental focus?

5. Do you have the network required for talent acquisition and retention?

6. Do you feel you are getting a sound payback from your assessment, training and development budgets?

The workshop will have four components:

1. Understanding Executive attributes required for effective, impactful leadership in the new digital government

a. General trends from our research on executive talent management.

b. How to properly assess executives – Learn from Korn Ferry best practices from the private sector and application of assessment models

2. What most important training and development channels for you to consider for your executives and aspiring executives.

3. The emerging role of the Executive Group Services Director and how to thrive in the “new normal”?

4. Building a work plan for the Executive Group Services community – How we can rise to the challenges?

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