1 day eventIn Halifax, NS
  • September 7, 20178:00am - 6:00pm

The IOG differentiates wealth creation from economic development when considering resource development participation and success through a First Nations perspective. Whereas “economic development” broadly refers to any sustained community effort to improve both the local economy and the quality of life by building the area’s capacity to adapt to economic change, “wealth creation,” as defined by the Indigenous Land Management Institute, is a process by which Indigenous peoples are able to improve their overall standard of living. Under wealth creation, economic development is conceptualized as only one of the three pillars for building industry-community partnerships. The other two, demonstrating equal importance, are education and the environment. From this, wealth creation more concerned with community development, or “healthy, inclusive, safe and sustainable communities made up of increasingly healthier, educated and employed individuals grounded in their culture and tradition.”

It is becoming clear that sound governance is a prerequisite for rapid improvement in the well being of communities and nations. Moreover, it is our view that sound governance is a prerequisite for improving opportunities for wealth creation among Indigenous communities and organizations, and that wealth creation is both a key support to self-determination and a facilitator of economic success for all parties.

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The Westin Nova Scotian
1181 Hollis Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2P6

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Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Morley Googoo explored advancing reconciliation through targeted efforts to build effective relationships and mutually beneficial initiatives that support reconciliation.
Clint Davis, former President of the Canada Council for Aboriginal Business and current Managing Partner, Acasta Capital Indigenous, spoke to the success of the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies in Inuk, Labrador.
Chief Terrance Paul of Membertou First Nation in Nova Scotia spoke to some of the critical foundation and elements of success for sustainable wealth creation.