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Digital Directions

A free virtual symposium to design and build a blueprint for an inclusive and democratic digital future for government.

9:00AM to 4:30PM ET on June 10


Explore Two Key Digital Challenges Facing Canadian Governments 

On June 10th, we are bringing together experts, practitioners and leaders to design and build a blueprint for action to increase public trust in Canada and set the directions for an inclusive and democratic digital future.

Watch live on YouTube. If you need assistance in joining this event, email us at

Alongside our expert panelists and you, we will dive into two key digital challenges:

  1. Responding to Social Media’s Impact on Canadians’ Trust in Government
    Keynote: Thomas Grandjouan, EU DisinfoLab “The Prevalence and Threat of Disinformation: Detection, Assessment and Response”
    IOG Research: Brad Graham, IOG “Social Media and Trust in Government”
    Panel Discussion: Carroll Doherty, Pew Research Centre (US) | Tom Sasse, Institute for Government (UK) | Lori Turnbull, Dalhousie University (Can) “Declining Trust, Increasing Challenges”

  2. Rethinking Traditional Ways of Working and Delivering Services for a Smart and Inclusive Digital Government
    Keynote:  The Honourable Joyce Murray, Minister of Digital Government “Canada’s New Digital Operations Strategic Plan”
    Breakout Discussions: Peter Bruce, IOG “Services for a Smart and Inclusive Digital Government”
    Panel Discussion: Greg Fergus, MP Hull–Aylmer/ Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Digital Government | Aneeta Bains, IBM/IOG Board | Amanda Clarke, Carleton University | Shingai Manjengwa, Fireside Analytics Inc/IOG Board “The Next Phase of Digital Transformation in Government”

Digital Directions is more than one-day virtual event.

As an event from our CanGovBetter initiative, the outcomes and activities from Digital Directions will extend before, during, and after June 10th. We will use these findings to build future events as well as grow and inform our research agenda. The sooner you get involved, and the more your engage, the bigger your footprint will be on our venture to build an inclusive and democratic digital future.

A simple cyclical format to approach complex challenges:
1 – Convening of experts and interested parties
2 – Findings lead to informed research questions and initiatives
3 – Informed research generates new ideas and directions
4 – New directions refresh the convening cycle

Engage Early; Learn More.

We will be using Slido to crowdsource your questions and engage with you throughout the full symposium. Use any browser and any device to participate.

You can start making directions now by completing the Early Digital Directions activity and/or adding in a question for one of our speakers in the Audience Q&A section. If your question is for a specific person, make sure you put their name in. 

Here are some of the great engagement opportunities you will have to build new digital directions:

  • Accessible & free videos to watch live or later
  • Regular & relevant social media engagement
  • Monthly blog & email communications to stay informed
  • Small group discussions & expert panels
  • Multi-platform polling and communications

Digital Directions Slack Channel

Engagement sessions will be moderated through Zoom and through the Digital Directions Slack Channel. If you want to engage more, but can’t join the Zoom room, you will be able to fully participate through the moderated Slack chat. Join it now.

Symposium Format: LEAD

You can LEAD at Digital Directions with our Key Action Tags. The LEAD tags will indicate the format before you join the symposium so that you can easily contribute and take away meaningful directions.

Learn Tune in to expert opinion through keynote remarks and panel discussions.
EngageAccess our resources, discuss in groups, vote in polling, and contribute your opinion.
AnalyseWatch and hear the findings of IOG research initiatives. See our work – ask your questions.
DirectionsDiscuss and explore the symposium findings as we design and build a blueprint to increase public trust and for an inclusive and democratic digital future.

Responding to Social Media’s Impact on Canadians’ Trust in Government

Morning Session | 9:00 AM – 12:15 PM ET

Using Artificial Intelligence techniques, the IOG is examining the drivers of trust and how they affect the public’s trust in their government’s capacity to deliver outcomes in challenging policy areas like climate change, western alienation, and systemic racism.

Morning Agenda

9:00AM | Zoom & YouTube

Meet us on Zoom or Youtube for opening remarks and context setting for the morning. Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the chat!

Keynote: The Prevalence and Threat of Disinformation

9:10AM | Zoom & YouTube | Learn

Join Keynote Speaker Thomas Grandjouan from EU DisinfoLab for his presentation: The Prevalence and Threat of Disinformation: Detection, Assessment and Response

IOG Research: Social Media and Trust in Government – 9:50 AM

9:50AM | Zoom & YouTube | Analyse

Join IOG Vice President Brad Graham as he unpacks our AI driven IOG research initiative on social media and trust in government.

Panel Discussion: Declining Trust, Increasing Challenges

10:30AM | Zoom & YouTube | Learn

Alongside session moderator, Rhonda Moore, international panelists Carroll Doherty (US), Tom Sasse (UK) and Lori Turnbull (Can) will discuss the state of trust in government, declining public trust and its impact on policy challenges, and how government can rebuild trust and move forward.

Group Discussions: What do you think is the leading cause of declining trust?

11:45AM | Zoom | Directions

Participate in polling and group discussions as we collaborate on the symposium outcome to stimulate action to increase public trust in Canada.

Rethinking Traditional Ways of Working and Delivering Services for a Smart and Inclusive Digital Government

Afternoon Session | 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM ET

Building on lessons from past events and the knowledge of hundreds of public service executives, the IOG is leading the conversation on bettering services and capacity  for the next phase of digital transformation in government.

Afternoon Agenda

1:00PM | Zoom & YouTube

Meet us on Zoom or Youtube for opening remarks and context setting for the afternoon. Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the chat!

Keynote: The Honourable Joyce Murray, Minister of Digital Government “Canada’s New Digital Operations Strategic Plan”

1:15PM | Zoom & YouTube | Learn

The Honourable Joyce Murray is a Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia and Minister of Digital Government. Minister Murray will discuss the new Digital Operations Strategic Plan: 2021–2024.

Group Discussions: Services for a smart and inclusive digital government

1:35PM | Zoom | Engage

Join session moderator, Peter Bruce, and the IOG team to discuss and contribute your ideas through a Think, Pair, Share exercise.

We will explore four questions:

1. What is the greatest opportunity for Digital Government in Canada?
2. What is the greatest barrier to Digital Government in Canada?
3. What area of Digital Government is most critical for further exploration?
4. Please share one “wild ideas” with regard to Digital Government.

This portion of the agenda will only be facilitated via Zoom and Slack.

Plenary: Debrief of your breakout themes and ideas

2:45PM | Zoom & YouTube | Directions

Hear about the findings from the group discussions and vote on what you think is the most important answer to the four questions listed above.

Panel Discussion: The next phase of digital transformation in government

3:00PM | Zoom & YouTube | Learn

Join our panelists Greg Fergus, MP | Aneeta Bains | Shingai Manjengwa | Amanda Clarke, as they dig into your directions and discuss digital transformation.

Next Steps: Looking to the Future

4:00PM | Zoom & YouTube | Directions

Discuss the day’s findings, feedback, and next steps. Learn how you can keep participating in the Digital Directions symposium and our CanGovBetter initiative.

Meet the Speakers

The Honourable Joyce Murray

The Honourable Joyce Murray

Member of Parliament, Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia

Minister of Digital Government

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Following a highly successful 25-year career building an international reforestation company and 4 years in the provincial cabinet of the B.C. Liberal government, the Honourable Joyce Murray was appointed Minister of Digital Government on November 20, 2019.

The Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra since 2008, Joyce served as Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board following the 2015 general election, and later as President of the Treasury Board.

During this time she championed and helped lead the development of the Centre for Greening Government. Making federal government operations more environmentally friendly and efficient was a natural project for Joyce, whose entrepreneurial spirit led her to build a company that has planted almost 1.5 billion trees—more than 500,000 of which she planted herself.

She received the Simon Fraser University Dean’s Medal as the top MBA graduate in 1992, was the chair of the board at Brinkman and Associates Reforestation, and served as British Columbia’s Environment Minister and Minister of Management Services in Gordon Campbell’s cabinet from 2001 to 2005.

Joyce Murray has always been a thought-leader, driving progressive new policies in government. Whether advocating for strong, smart environmental measures or being an early advocate of the legalization and regulation of cannabis, Joyce’s ability to envision and deliver on bold new ideas comes from her depth of experience in politics and business.

She is passionate about investing in a fairer, greener economy that empowers future generations, and confident that digital innovation will offer important opportunities for improving services to Canadians.

Thomas Grandjouan
Thomas Grandjouan
Advocacy Coordinator, EU DisinfoLab

Thomas Grandjouan leads the advocacy activities of the EU DisinfoLab, Europe’s leading independent non-profit specialised in countering disinformation. In this role he helps coordinate policy work related to supporting a resilient European civil society, online platform accountability, the EU’s cybersecurity agenda, and foreign interference. He participates in the European Commission’s stakeholder meetings on upcoming EU legislation as well as civil society working groups on the EU disinformation agenda. Prior to joining the EU DisinfoLab, Thomas worked in a public affairs consultancy in Brussels leading a team of consultants specialised in EU technology policy for large companies. He holds degrees from Sciences Po and the University of Manchester in European law, politics, and economics.

Aneeta Bains

Aneeta Bains

Partner, Public Sector at IBM Canada

Twitter | LinkedIn

Aneeta is an Experienced Leader in the area of Financial Services and Public Sector Transformation. As Vice President, Technology and Digital Transformation at Economical Insurance, she led the creation of one of the first Digital P&C Insurance offerings in Canada named Sonnet.

She then had the privilege to join the Federal Public Sector as the Chief Digital Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to support the transformation of Digital Services to Business both from a policy and technology framework.

Aneeta is now a Trusted Advisor to many of her colleagues and clients. She recently joined IBM as a Partner and works with her team to lead the services required to support the Public Sector on their journey to Digital Government.

She speaks about the power of critical policies on big data, agility of cloud and the responsible use of artificial intelligence and many other disruptive technologies. She is also laser focused on creating an inclusive and diverse ecosystem of leaders and partners.

Aneeta is a member of the IOG’s Board of Directors.

Amanda Clarke

Amanda Clarke

Associate Professor, Carleton University

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Amanda Clarke joined the faculty of Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration in July 2014. Her research explores the intersections of public administration, civic engagement and information technologies. She is particularly interested in the implications of social media and related phenomena, such as crowdsourcing, open data and big data, for governments and civil society. Amanda is a graduate of Carleton University’s College of the Humanities (Bachelor of Humanities) and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (MA International Affairs). From 2010-2014, Amanda was a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar, an Oxford University Press Clarendon Scholar, and a Doctoral Fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Carroll Doherty

Carroll Doherty

Director, Political Research, Pew Research Center

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Carroll Doherty is director of political research at Pew Research Center. He plays a leading role in developing the Center’s research agenda and overseeing editorial content about long-term trends in political values, U.S. views on policy issues and priorities, and political knowledge and news interest. Doherty regularly provides analysis of public opinion and politics for domestic and international news outlets, including NPR, CNBC and the BBC. He also speaks to government, academic and business groups on these topics. Before joining Pew Research Center in 2000, he was a journalist for many years, covering congressional leadership, politics and foreign affairs as a senior writer for Congressional Quarterly and serving as an off-air investigative reporter for CBS News on foreign affairs. Doherty holds a master’s degree from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Loyola University Maryland.

M. Greg Fergus, M.P

M. Greg Fergus, M.P

Member of Parliament, Hull—Aylmer, Quebec
Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, to the President of the Treasury Board and to the Minister of Digital Government

Twitter |  Website

Greg is the Member of Parliament for Hull–Aylmer since October 2015. Founder and chair of the Canadian Caucus of Black Parliamentarians, Greg also serves as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board and to the Minister of Digital Government, and is vice-chair of the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association. He was previously Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and a member of the standing Committee on Finance.

Greg is very involved in his community. He encourages people to invest themselves in causes that are important to them, and to work together to fight isolation and create a sense of community. It’s why he organizes café croissant meetings, public forums and other public events in the Hull–Aylmer riding.

Greg has a strong background in politics. Previously, he worked as a policy advisor and senior policy advisor in a number of ministerial offices. He has also worked at all levels of the Liberal Party of Canada, including as National Director, where he introduced change and innovation that made the party more efficient, helping restore it to today’s modern appeal.

Greg has two bachelor’s degrees—one in social science and one in international relations. He has also studied international relations at the master’s level. Over the past 25 years, he has worked in the private and public sectors, with not-for-profit organizations and in the academic sector.

He is passionate about running, politics and jazz, and he is proud of his community and everything it has accomplished.  He and his wife are the proud parents of three adult children and doting grandparents to one grandson.

* Greg Fergus Official Portrait/ Portrait officiel
Ottawa, ONTARIO, Canada on 20 November, 2019.
Credit: Mélanie Provencher, House of Commons Photo Services

Shingai Manjengwa

Shingai Manjengwa

Chief Executive Officer of Fireside Analytics Inc.

Shingai Manjengwa is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fireside Analytics Inc., a data science education solutions company that develops customized programs that teach digital and AI literacy, data science, data privacy, and computer programming. Clients include corporates, governments, non-profits, higher education institutions, and high schools. Data science courses by Fireside Analytics have over 450,000 registered learners on platforms like IBM’s and Coursera.

A data scientist by profession, Shingai is the Technical Education Specialist at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto where she translates advanced AI research into educational programming to increase AI capacity and, drive AI adoption and innovation in industry. She also serves on the advisory council for, “Accelerating the adoption of AI in health care,” a program by the Michener Institute of Education at UHN and the Vector Institute to build a front-line healthcare workforce with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to power AI-enabled health practices, organizations, and systems.

Shingai has taught Business Analytics and Big Data Applications at a college level and she is the founder of Fireside Analytics Academy, a program that helps high schools develop and deliver data science education. Shingai’s book, ‘The Computer and the Cancelled Music Lessons’ teaches data science to kids from ages 5 to 12.

Prior to her work in technical education, Shingai worked as a data scientist specializing in business analytics in the consumer packaged goods sector (CPG), serving multiple blue-chip clients including Colgate, Wal-Mart, Clorox, Kimberly Clark, Wrigley, Kraft/ Cadbury, Mars, and McCain. Shingai holds a Master’s degree in Business Analytics from New York University’s Stern School of Business and she is this year’s recipient of the Public Policy Forum, ‘Emerging Leader’ award.

Shingai is a member of the IOG’s Board of Directors.

Tom Sasse

Tom Sasse

Associate Director, Institute for Government

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Tom is an associate director at the Institute for Government. His research covers government outsourcing, civil service reform and policy making, including recent work on net zero and the coronavirus crisis. He also delivers the Institute’s training programme on how government works. Previously Tom worked at the Open Data Institute, where he advised governments and businesses on data policy, and the think tank Reform, where he researched health and criminal justice.

Lori Turnbull

Lori Turnbull

Director, School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University


Dr. Lori Turnbull is the Director of the School of Public Administration and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Dalhousie University.

From July 2015 until July 2017, she was on secondment to the Privy Council Office (PCO), first as a Policy Advisor in the Machinery of Government Secretariat, then as Departmental Liaison to the Office of the Minister of Democratic Institutions, and finally as a Policy Advisor at the Priorities and Planning Secretariat.

Dr. Turnbull’s research and teaching focus on parliamentary democracy and governance, public sector ethics, and democratic reform. She has taught political science and public administration at Dalhousie, Queen’s, Carleton, and Acadia universities. She has published a number of articles and book chapters and freelances with The Globe and Mail.  She is a featured columnist with the Canadian Government Executive magazine.

Her book Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government, co-authored with Mark Jarvis and the late Peter Aucoin, won the Donner Prize in 2011 and the Donald Smiley Prize in 2012.

Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce

IOG Senior Associate and Faculty


Peter Bruce is a Senior Associate for Leadership and Learning at the Institute on Governance (IOG).  Since 2017, he has been facilitating the IOG’s Executive Leadership Program. He has also provided advice on digital strategies for government organizations both in Canada and internationally.

After 32 years of Public Service at the federal and provincial levels Mr. Bruce retired from the position of Senior ADM Strategy at Shared Services Canada in 2016. During his time in the Public Service, he worked in increasingly complex and interesting roles including VP/CIO/CTO at the Department of Justice, Library and Archives Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and as Deputy CIO and Interim CIO for the Government of Canada at Treasury Board Secretariat.

Mr. Bruce also has extensive governance experience collaborating internationally, across Canadian jurisdictions, across the federal government, and with the private sector.  He has been the elected or appointed chair of several organizations including the ICA, (the International CIO Council), the PSCIOC (Canadian Public Sector CIO Council and DPI, (the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals).  He currently serves on the Board of the charity Kids Up Front Ottawa and on the Advisory Board for DPI.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from Queen’s University.  Mr. Bruce has also studied cognitive science and continues to explore leadership and the transformational possibilities created by advances in information and communications technology including artificial intelligence.

Brad Graham

Brad Graham

Vice President, Toronto, IOG


Brad Graham is Vice President, Toronto, at the Institute on Governance (IOG) and a Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto.  Brad’s recent focus includes trust in government, municipal government, and distributive governance. Brad Graham spent 25 years in the Ontario Public Service in a variety of senior leadership positions, including as Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministries of Health, Municipal Affairs and Housing, Infrastructure, and Research and Innovation.  Brad was awarded Ontario’s Amethyst Award for excellence in public service as well as several awards for his work from external organizations.  His areas of expertise include public sector governance, public policy, economics, and urban affairs.

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