Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Institute on Governance

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Learn with AI industry professionals on how policy practitioners in government can put AI to work for Canadians.


Course Description

  • Recent improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) have significantly increased the gap between government policy and leading practices. AI is changing norms and business models throughout society, demanding new and effective policy responses on subjects that are largely unprecedented.
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is a half-day webinar facilitated by AI industry professionals. We designed this course for you: policy practitioners in government who are looking to put AI to work for Canadians.
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is easily accessible for you, even if you have a limited baseline knowledge of AI. At an intermediate skill level, you will still find relevant insights and important takeaways for your work.
  • You will have the opportunity to share experiences and participate in discussions to widen your understanding of AI in the public sector context.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will understand the concepts and terminology at play in AI, such as “machine-learning”, “neural networks”, and “strong-AI”. 
  • You will learn about the fundamentals driving continued progress with AI and where the development of AI is likely to go next. 
  • You will learn about emerging challenges and risks coming from AI and its applications. 
  • You will understand the implications of this disruptive technology for the practical policy processes of your organization. 

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