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Design Thinking and Innovation Hubs

Explore concepts and practical applications of design thinking, integrative thinking, lateral thinking and other creative ways of re-imagining policy problems.


Course Description

  • Innovative approaches to public policy and programs demand different ways of thinking. In this half-day webinar, you will learn to re-imagine policy problems creatively.
  • Federal government leaders are seeking new ideas for policy solutions. Design Thinking and Innovation Hubs will explore practical techniques that you can use to meet your leaders’ needs like “design thinking”, “integrative thinking”, and “lateral thinking”.
  • Learn how to run your own Design Lab, and practice the steps of Empathize, Define and Ideate using a case study approach.
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Hubs is a webinar that you should attend if you are a policy analyst at any level, in program delivery and want to improve results and outcomes, or are a public servant who wants to expand your skills in innovatively thinking and policy-making.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will leave with an understanding of the concepts and practical applications of “design thinking”, “integrative thinking”, “lateral thinking” and other creative ways of re-imagining policy problems. 
  • You will learn to innovatively think about public policy and programs. 
  • You will take away best practices to design and run a Design Lab and to generate measurable results. 
  • You will build your innovation skills and become a more creative problem solver for your organization. 

Bundle This Webinar: 

This webinar is eligible to be bundled with two other webinars of your choice for a ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ price of $780. Take advantage of our recommended streams (Leadership; Policy: Government Essentials: Innovation) to choose your bundle or mix and match the webinars that best suit your needs. Upon registration, be sure to select the bundle option and then select your webinars. Contact us for support at 613-562-0090 or 

Customize This Webinar:

This webinar is eligible to be customized as a private offering for your team and organization. Contact us at to discuss your needs. 

Group Discounts:

If you have more than two people attending, you may be eligible for a group discount. Contact us for details at 613-562-0090 or


Catherine Waters

Senior Practice Lead  

Expertise: Learning Centre and Leadership– curriculum design and delivery, facilitation and custom instruction  Degrees:   BA (Hon) English & French (University of Victoria); MA Public Policy and Administration (Carleton University); MSc Labour Economics (London School of Economics).  Catherine Waters is Senior Practice Lead in the IOG Leadership and Learning Centre. She has extensive experience as a consultant, researcher […]

George Green


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