Our virtual Executive Leadership Program (vELP) prepares public sector leaders across departments and at all levels tasked to navigate the deep and rapid changes of our times.


Cohort 14 will launch in early 2024 -- Exact Dates to be Announced Soon. Click here to express your interest.

 Hybrid Delivery:

  • In-Person Executive Retreat at IOG office, Ottawa (First two full days of the program)

  • In-Person Final Sessions at IOG office, Ottawa (Final evening and last full day of the program)

  • All other sessions are virtual over Zoom (3 sessions monthly: 2 full afternoons + 1 late afternoon session, 1.5 hours)

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Virtual delivery does not mean you lose out on the value of face-to-face learning. Unlike traditional e-learning courses, the vELP is highly interactive and our instructors will ensure you get the most of your experience.

From pandemic to paradigm shift

In this post-truth, post-pandemic era, citizen expectations of their governments and of the service they provide are shifting rapidly. Technology-enabled work approaches will challenge our cities and our societies forever. The international trade trends and global deficits are going to be game changers for Canada. This complex and interconnected world will require networked leaders working together toward a shared goal.

For public sector leaders, this is a period of opportunity and a moment for decisive leadership.

Our Virtual Executive Leadership Program (vELP) prepares public sector leaders across departments and jurisdictions tasked to navigate the deep and rapid changes of our times.

As leaders, you will be called to develop and implement the new policies and programs for this new Canada and the vELP will allow you to develop a new holistic perspective and the skills to be successful.

The new virtual formula breaks the regional barriers! Meet colleagues from all across Canada!

Program Benefits

  • You will discuss the latest, citizen-centric thinking on governance in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’ (whatever that, ultimately, ends up being).
  • You will be able to cut through the ‘noise’ of the current times to make critical decisions on resource allocation and to get results for audiences that matter.
  • You will emerge more confident in your abilities as a people-leader and better able to respond to the leadership challenges you will face as your career progresses. 

Program Outline

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to join a network of peers and step back from the day-to-day to explore complex topics and issues. Guided by high-level guest speakers and skilled program facilitators, this program will allow participants to stretch their thinking around relevant challenges and opportunities.

Topics discussed may include ideas such as trust in government, sustainable development, diversity and inclusion, and many more. Sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging.
In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves as leaders through self-assessment instruments and tools and executive coaching sessions.

More Info

The IOG Difference

We offer non-partisan, impartial advice, with unparalleled technical proficiency. We also bring years of public-sector experience paired with valuable external/outside experience and insights. You get the best of all worlds with IOG’s vELP.

Program Cost

Tuition cost: $18,000

Location: You will access the vELP across a network of virtual platforms and tools - all of which can be accessed from home, the office, or at any convenient location. The program will be delivered virtually over Zoom, with the exception of the first 2 days and the last 2 sessions which will be held in-person at the IOG office in Ottawa, ON.

Includes tuition, all course materials and online tools used during the course as well as access to course resources after the program is completed. Included in the program tuition for cohorts that are delivered online, the IOG will offer the rental of a computer with all required software installed for participants. Any equipment being provided to participants will be loaned to you in-person during the Executive Retreat. The IOG will organize and cover the cost of equipment return at the end of the program.

As a not-for-profit, the IOG does not collect HST.

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Participant Testimonials

"I feel privileged to have shared time with my colleagues from across regions and departments in the program. Everyone brought such amazing, in-depth, informed and unique perspectives. I am a better public servant and leader after this time with my peers in this program. I now have allies moving forward who I can stay in touch with and support on our collective journeys of leadership. The program facilitators and staff brought together an incredible learning experience for us all while supporting each one of us, which is quite an accomplishment. The program facilitators' depth of knowledge and experience was inspirational"

"Very good program and I would recommend it to other leaders within the government. The virtual format was well adapted given our current pandemic situation."

"The program was fantastic, the facilitators were great, and the speakers were all fabulous."

"The quality of the speakers continues to be impressive. These speakers are current leaders that are making themselves available to us in very challenging circumstances and these discussions and insights are invaluable and help me develop a new perspective."

"It was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed deep diving on so many important issues and hearing different points of view, reflections and insights."


Jacques Paquette

Jacques Paquette

Jacques Paquette joined the federal government in 1982 with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and served at Canadian embassies in Pakistan, Sénégal, Hungary and France. In Ottawa, Mr. Paquette held a number of positions with DFAIT, including Director for the Coordination of G-7 Economic Summits. He moved to Environment Canada as Director-General, Corporate Management and Review, was Director-General, Multiculturalism and Human Rights at Canadian Heritage and Assistant Deputy Minister, International and Intergovernmental Affairs and Sport also at Canadian Heritage. More [...]

Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce is a Senior Associate for Leadership and Learning at the Institute on Governance (IOG).  Since 2017, he has been facilitating the IOG’s Executive Leadership Program. He has also provided advice on digital strategies for government organizations both in Canada and internationally. After 32 years of Public Service at the federal and provincial levels Mr. Bruce retired from the position of Senior ADM Strategy at Shared Services Canada in 2016. During his time in the Public Service, he worked in increasingly complex and interesting roles including VP/CIO/CTO at the Department of Justice, Library and Archives Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and as Deputy CIO and Interim CIO for the Government of Canada at Treasury Board Secretariat. More [...]

Francie Ducros

Francoise Ducros

Francoise (Francie) Ducros retired from the federal Public Service in 2020 where she served as Assistant Secretary, Social and Cultural Programs for 4 years. Prior to that Francie served as Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, and Assistant Deputy Minister, Education and Social Programs and Partnerships at the Department Affairs Aboriginal and Northern Affairs and Vice-President, Afghanistan-Pakistan Policy and Programs at the Canadian International Development Agency. Francie also served in several political positions including Chief of Staff to the Ministers of Fisheries and Oceans, and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Director of Communications to the Prime Minister.

Participants will benefit from the guidance and experience of 2 of the above mentioned facilitators per cohort.