Public Governance Advisory Services

Helping you deliver for the public, for years to come   

Modern governance challenges require modern solutions. IOG advisors have the tools and experience you need. 

 Good public governance practices allow you to respond effectively to citizens and stakeholders alike.  

IOG’s leading experts are your guides through the challenges of our times. 

Our team is composed of former senior public servants and industry experts who are committed to helping you carry forward the light of public service in an era where public trust is at a premium.  

We draw on experiences (and lessons learned) from all orders of government.  

We make decades of decision-making experience relevant for the next generation of public service leaders, as we have for dozens of public sector organizations. 

Featured Advisory Service Product & Tool Side-by-Side Block: Governance Continuum, Governance Scorecard 

We can help you

  • Conduct comparative research, stakeholder engagement and organizational reviews that generate actionable insights you can use to improve your operations 
  • Conduct policy research, bolster your policy capacity and provide strategic advice 
  • Improve your organizational effectiveness and efficiency through business process transformation 
  • Support strategy development and strategic planning through in-depth analysis and expert facilitation 
  • Assign effective and appropriate responsibilities between elected and appointed officials in your department, agency or board 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your governance systems by conducting governance assessments that address their complexity and resolve any conflicting interests 
  • Design and facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings to suit your unique needs 

Our public governance advisory services help you accomplish immediate goals and develop the skills you need to prepare for challenges to come.  

Public governance advisors are standing by to assist you with your project needs.