Our coaching services begin with the same exploratory question: where do you want to go?

What are your goals, challenges, and career aspirations? How can mentoring from someone who’s been there before make the biggest difference in your work and career?

Our team of trained and skilled professional coaches can help you build your career, manage challenges, and dive into your goals. Each session is unique and every outcome is tailored to your success.

Along with our VP of Learning, Francois Gagnon, we’ll match you with one of our experts and coaches who will intrinsically get you and understand your goals. Working with an IOG coach means having access to a seasoned professional who can help you get where you want to be faster, and who will give you the tools to go even further.

“I have been fortunate to have my coach twice over the last three years of my career. She has had a tremendous impact on my leadership development, which in turn has had such a positive effect on me and my team.”

– Coaching Client