Board Governance Advisory Services

IOG’s governance foundations and principles help build stronger boards of directors 

Better boards mean more effective organizations that deliver on mandate, mission, and vision. 

Ensuring your board is performing and fulfilling its obligations optimally is too important to leave to chance. Board governance is a deciding component of organizational effectiveness and a crucial part of the functioning life of non-profit and public sector organizations alike. Effective governance ensures objectives are realized, resources are well managed, and the interests of stakeholders are reflected in key decisions. 

Enlist IOG advisors to help you bolster your board’s ranks and ensure they have the tools they need so your organization can deliver for those you serve. 

Because every organization is unique, we customize our advisory services to you. 

We help you make the most of your (finite) resources, realize your objectives, and manage your risks.  

We will help devise criteria to measure the things that matter to realize your strategy.  

Using a principles-based approach we can help you:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your governance systems by conducting governance assessments that address their complexity and resolve any conflicting interests 
  • Support and guide governance renewal, including development and/or updating of governance systems and tools 
  • Provide expert, custom training for your Board, focusing on all the essentials as well as current and emerging best practices 
  • Support strategy development through in-depth analysis, expert facilitation and drafting 
  • Design and facilitate customized multi-stakeholder meetings 
  • Provide independent advice and support regarding board recruitment and renewal 
  • Design and facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings to suit your unique needs 

“Our organization has worked with Laura Edgar of the Institute on Governance to develop customized governance training. Laura was responsive and intuitive, leading to a well-developed custom product that was extremely well received. In 2020, we had to transition our governance workshop from on-site to online. The transition was smooth and effective. We look forward to working with Laura and her team again.” 

– Board Chair and Past Client 

Our board governance advisory services help you accomplish immediate goals and develop the skills you need to prepare for challenges to come.  

Board governance advisors are standing by to assist you with your project needs.