Long-term success starts with the steps you take today. We can help you avoid stumbles.

Using a principles-based approach, our advisory services are built to help people and groups who are driven by their mission, passionate about what they do, and willing to take the steps necessary to succeed.

Products & Tools

Senior Executive Service (SES)

An SES system is one of the key pillars which

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Best Practices for Committees and Decision Support

Effective integration of committees is one of the problems that

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Best Practices and Success Factors in Shared Governance

We live in a policy environment in which the most

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Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Agencies, Boards and Commissions deliver important services to Canadians in

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Self-Awareness Tools

We are proud to offer world-class individual self-awareness tools to

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Custom Learning

Each session is unique and every outcome is tailored to

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Board Assessment, Training and other Associated Services

We use a principle-based approach We can help you: Evaluate

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IOG Governance Scorecard

Successful organizations start with good governance The IOG Governance Scorecard

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IOG Autonomy Index

Where do you fit on the Governance Continuum? The IOG

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Governance Continuum

Understand the hierarchy, function, and relationships in Canada’s public institutions

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Addressing Your Specific Needs

Navigating growth pressures, staying focused on long-term goals, and finding success involves so many moving pieces, it’s best to seek advice from the best.

If you need a research-backed, expert-informed plan that you can act on today, measure tomorrow, and expand on after that, IOG’s advisory services are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

  • Conducting comparative research, stakeholder engagement and organizational reviews that generate actionable insights you can use to improve your operations
  • Conducting policy research, bolstering your policy capacity and providing strategic advice
  • Improving your organizational effectiveness and efficiency through business process transformation
  • Supporting strategy development and strategic planning through in-depth analysis and expert facilitation
  • Determining the most effective division of responsibilities between elected and appointed officials in your department, agency or board
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your governance systems by conducting governance assessments that address their complexity and resolve any conflicting interests
  • Designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder meetings to suit your unique needs

Access our expertise

Being the pre-eminent, independent Canadian source of knowledge, research and advice on public governance and its continuous improvement means mobilizing our research and expertise to help you implement scalable and practical solutions to your governance challenges.

Access our leading expertise through our advisory services.

Our highly experienced team of consultants has over 20 years’ experience exploring and developing innovative approaches to up-to-date responsible and responsive governance and public sector leadership in Canada and abroad. We have worked sector-wide in public, private and not-for-profit institutions and bring a full network of expert resources to everything we do.

Customized learning programs

We believe your work in the public service deserves more than a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why our customized learning programs start with understanding you and your organization, and end with a tailored, measurable approach. An IOG customized learning program is the bridge that gets you from what’s happening now to what’s next.

Coaching services

Our team of trained, professional coaches can help you build your career, manage challenges, and dive into your goals. Each session is unique and every outcome is tailored to your success.

Most people who take advantage of our coaching services spend months with our coaches – this is not a one-off process; it’s an investment in you and your goals.

The road to success can be long.
Start your journey today.