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Appreciation Letter From The Financial Committee In The Iraqi Parliament 1
September 9th, 2019: We are excited to have received this appreciation letter from the financial committee in the Iraqi Parliament regarding IOG support to finalize the Financial Management Law. The translation of Arabic text: “To the Canadian Institute on Governance, the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament appreciates your efforts to sponsor extensive discussions on the Financial Management Law in Iraq, starting with the first meetings in 2017 and the workshop held at the American University in Sulaimaniyah, and the mission to Canada in November 2017 where the law was discussed extensively, and the last workshop that discussed the final version of the draft law, and provision of national and international expertise during all the mentioned period until the voting day. The great efforts and hard work presented by the Canadian Institute on Government team. On this occasion, we express our deep thanks and appreciation. Hoping that you will continue to do great work to improve decentralization in Iraq”
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June 28, 2019: Congratulations for government of Nunavut grads in IOG's and PGI's Sr Managers Cohort 2 in in Iqaluit.
The IOG, funded by Global Affairs Canada, has been working with the Iraqi federal government and the governorates of Missan and Diwaniyah to advise and assist in the fiscal and administrative decentralization of the state. As part of the IOG's work, we are proud to have completed the graduation of cohorts 1 and 2 in Baghdad Sunday March 10th of 2019. Featured are testimonies by participants and with partners of the project. Speakers include (in order of appearance): Mr. Toby Fyfe - President of the IOG Dr. Mahdi Alalaq - Secretary General of Council of Ministers Dr. Azhar Al-Rubaie - Director General of Governmental Contracts, Ministry of Planning Mr. Ali Dawai - Governor of Missan Dr. Hamid Ahmed - Deputy Chair of Prime Minister Advisory Commission Dr. Nouri Al-Dulaimi - Minister of Planning Dr. Abdulkareem Hussein - Chair of Prime Minister Advisory Commission Dr. Torhan Almufti - Chair of HCCP Secretariat Dr. Jamal Mohammed - Dean of Research and Projects, University of Kurdistan H.E Paul Gibbard - Canadian Ambassador to Iraq
As part of the IOG's work on fiscal federalism and decentralization in Iraq, are proud to have completed the graduation of cohorts 1 and 2 in Baghdad, Sunday March 10th of 2019. This officially completes their training. This video was taken by the news network al-Iraqiyya. This project is funded by Global Affairs Canada.
April 23rd, 2019: The Iraqi Minister of Finance, Fuad Hussein, received the Institute on Governance's team in Baghdad where we discussed a workshop we intend to deliver on decentralization, and principles and ideas of successful decentralization in a federal Iraq. This is part of our project on Fiscal Decentralization for Iraq, funded by Global Affairs Canada.
Whats Happening February 14
February 14th, 2019: Here are the graduates of the Government of Nunavut Policy Foundations program, designed in collaboration with the GN for Inuit employees on public policy. The program is delivered by a Consortium of IOG, PGF, Dalhousie University, and First Peoples Group. Congratulations to all the graduates!
Whats Happening Feb 11
February 8th, 2019: On 8 February, the IOG and the Office of the Chief Science Advisor co-hosted a roundtable discussion on opportunities for interweaving Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science in federal public policy. The discussion brought together almost 40 leaders from the federal government, non-profit, private sectors and academia from across Canada for a day of facilitated conversations about Indigenous Knowledge and the decolonization of the federal policy making process.
Fbec Word Cloud
January 23rd, 2019: We hosted the inaugural meeting for the Federal Black Employee Caucus as they discussed the realities of being Black in the Federal Public Service. This word cloud illustrates the messages that the participants took home with them. It was an incredible day!
Whats Happening Jan 18
January 18th, 2019: Toby Fyfe, accepts on behalf of the organization a plaque from His Excellency Abdul Kareem Kaab, Iraqi Ambassador to Canada, thanking staff for their work on fiscal federalism and decentralization in Iraq funded by Global Affairs Canada. We are excited to continue our pilot projects in Diwaniyah and Maysan as well as continue our great working relationship with the Federal Government of Iraq.
Whats Happening Jan 10
January 10th, 2019: IOG team met yesterday with Mr. Bangen Rekani, the new Minister of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works. Mr. Rekani responded positively and expressed his full support to the work that the IOG is implementing, in particular and the country approach toward the decentralization in general.
Opinion Series
January 8th, 2019: Toby Fyfe, IOG President, was featured in the Globe and Mail today with his post about the upcoming election. Check it out at:
Spotlight On Governance
January 7th, 2019: We kicked off the new year with our latest edition of the Spotlight on Governance. Sign up to receive the newsletter at Check out the links to the articles featured in the newsletter below!
Whats Happening Dec 19
December 19th, 2018: This week members of the IOG Baghdad office participated in the inception mission of the GIZ project in Babil, Iraq to create a Civil Society Platform (CSP). Mohammed Abdul Kareem, IOG Project Manager, met with Mr. Karrar Al Alak, Governor of Babil at his office in Babylon Ancient City Resort
Whats Happening Nov 29
November 29th, 2018: Congratulations to the 18th graduating cohort of our Executive Leadership Program! We celebrated them last night at the Rideau Club.
Whats Happening Nov 27
November 27th, 2018: Check out Toby Fyfe, IOG President, in action as he is in Iraq today facilitating a class as part of the IOG project on fiscal federalism and decentralization that is funded by Global Affairs Canada.
Whats Happening Nov 26
November 26th, 2018: Learning VP Gerard Etienne is the emcee at the 2018 CFR Regulatory Conference. Here he is welcoming Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council, for the end of day keynote address.
November 23rd, 2018: We announced a great new day course today on performance management through coaching. Check it out at the link below!
Whats Happening Nov 21
November 21st, 2018: We released a fascinating study today on "the centre" of government using AI-backed research methods. Check it out at the link below!
Whats Happening Nov 20A
November 20th, 2018: Working with the office of the Chief Science Advisor, we designed and delivered a full day workshop on the new model Science Integrity Policy with participants from over 22 different departments and agencies as well as PIPSC.
November 19th, 2018: Cohort 20 of our Executive Leadership Program is visiting Iqaluit this week for their week-long study tour!
Whats Happening Nov 19
November 16th, 2018: The IOG graduated the first Government of Nunavut Policy Training Cohort today in Iqaluit. Deputy Premier David Akeeagok attended, as did IOG President Toby Fyfe and Sheila Kolola, head of Arctic College.
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November 5th, 2018: Today the delegates of the Science Meets Parliament program met in our Aspire lab to discuss the role and place of science on Parliament Hill.
Whats Happening Nov 5
November 5th, 2018: This week the IOG is welcoming the empowering Women's Cohort Iraq Delegation. They are here to discuss fiscal feralism, decentralization and resiliency building in Iraq.
November 1st, 2018: Watch as Dr. Don Lenihan discusses the upcoming workshop hosted here at the IOG on Deliberation.
Civil Society Don Lenihan
October 26th, 2018: Yesterday morning, we hosted a session entitled "Civil Society and Governance in Canada." The half day session brought together senior representatives from government and civil society to ensure we are asking the right questions as we launch our new research initiative. Thank you to all those who attended and we look forward to further collaboration!
Img 2519
October 18th, 2018: Last night we hosted the event entitled “Canada-Iraq: Building the Future Together” with the collaboration of the Iraqi Ambassador to Canada. The event was to celebrate the support the Government of Canada is providing to the country and the people of Iraq in building democratic institutions, advancing the rights of women, and providing a secure state. Thank you to the distinguished guests for joining us. Click the link below to see the pictures.
Whats Happening Oct 16
October 16th, 2018: This morning we hosted our ELP Alumni for breakfast as Marie-France Paquet, Chief Economist at Global Affairs Canada, discussed the global trade outlook and the impact of world tariffs.
October 5th, 2018: This week the 19th Cohort of our Executive Leadership Program visited Nunavut for their week-long study tour.
Whats Happening Sept 25
September 25th, 2018: We were honoured to be invited to the celebration by the Ambassador for the 69th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.
September 20th, 2018: Last night we hosted our first Speaker Series event in our ASPIRE Lab on embracing disruptive technologies. It was a great turnout with very engaging speakers. Check out our live stream of the event here!
September 13th, 2018: IOG presents Episode 3 of the IOG Gov Talks Series. Senior Researcher Mark Robbins discusses his editorial on Open Data, Better Practices.
Group Pic
September 12th, 2018: Last night was a great celebration of the IOGs newest certified program leaders!
Cpl Certificate
September 11th, 2018: Today, we are celebrating the graduation of our Certified Program Leaders in Public Governance!
Workshop Series
September 10th, 2018: We are pleased to announce a new workshop series for Public Servants hosted here at the IOG. Click the link to learn more!
Whats Happening Sept 71
September 7th, 2018: The Institute on Governance (IOG) Leadership Centre instructors, Michael A. O'Neill and Danielle Labonté, are in Iqaluit to lead the latest module of the Government of Nunavut Developing Our Policy Skills Program.
August 24th, 2018: The Institute on Governance presents Episode 1 of IOG Gov Talks. Senior Researcher at the IOG, Mark Robbins explains his work on the Myths and Values of Digital Transformation with host, Cory Campbell.
August 24th, 2018: We are pleased to share upcoming dates for our speaker event series: IOG's Policy Crunch : Disruptive Innovation and Public Policy in the Digital Age
Whats Happening July27
July 27th, 2018: A behind the scenes look of Senior Researcher Mark Robins as he prepares to discuss the Digital Governance work we do here at the IOG.
Whats Happening July26
July 26th, 2018: Today, students who participated in the day course "Performance Measurement: Supporting Delivery of Results" had the choice to go green and receive a digital copy of their class materials. Let us know if this is something you would like to participate in when you visit the IOG for learning!
Whats Happening July25
July 25th, 2018: Former Clerk of the Privy Council, Jocelyne Bourgon, shares with participants from the ELP 20 Cohort practical lessons from her New Synthesis Initiative.
Whats Happening July231
July 23rd, 2018: Reminiscing back to exactly two months ago today on May 23rd, 2018. The IOG opened its doors to the public service community to celebrate what we do and our brand new ASPIRE Lab!
Whats Happening  July23
July 23rd, 2018: As part of the IOG project funded by Development Canada, the IOG meets with Iraqi female officials to discuss a women empowerment program in Iraq.
July 19th, 2018: This week we posted our second question, which explores central agencies, in our IOG Question Period trivia series on Twitter! Twitter followers are playing to have a chance to get a discount from our learning lab.
Whats Happening July18
July 18th, 2018: Frank Graves, President and Founder of EKOS Research, joined our ELP 19 Cohort to discuss public policy implications of changing demographics, class structure, and the rise of ordered populism.
Mike David Rome
July 14th, 2018: IOG colleagues, David Anderson and Michael Fleet, presented on the IOG's work in Iraq on fiscal federalism and decentralization at the ACUNS (Academic Council of the United Nations System) Conference in Rome, Italy over the weekend!
Whats Happening July12 1
July 12th, 2018: Our Executive Leaders of Cohort 18 spent Thursday presenting their learnings from their week-long Nunavut study tour to Dr. Janet King.
Whats Happening July12
July 12th, 2018: The IOG was happy to host a Lunch and Learn today with the SHAD program from Carlton University. The SHAD students and IOG staff discussed innovation and leadership in the public service.
Whats Happening July10 1
July 10th, 2018: Today, James Barker of Dalhousie University led the Certificate in Program Leadership students through their final session in the program on Leading in Complexity!
Whats Happening July10
July 10th, 2018: Our Iraq team is meeting with Karbala University today, in Karbala, Iraq, to discuss the learning modules for the new Centre of Excellence.