The IOG's First Ever "Policy Crunch"

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This year the IOG launched its first-ever speaker series on the subject of Disruptive Innovation and Public Policy in the Digital Age, which we call the “Policy Crunch” for short. This series focuses on the overarching question of how government can keep up with new innovations, rapid technological progress, and the paradigmatic shift in statecraft that is coming with exponential change. Each month the Policy Crunch hosts a panel of speakers that will focus on a different angle of these questions, shedding light on the rapidly expanding frontier of technological progress and how government is challenged to keep up (and how it is changing to do so!).

The first event in the Policy Crunch took place on September 19th and was entitled, Agile Regulation: Embracing Disruptive Technology with Policy Leadership. It featured speakers touching on the progress and new application possibilities of nuclear science, automated vehicles, and how to inject more flexibility and responsiveness into the policy-making process. We were pleased to have such an engaged audience, both in person and online through our Youtube Channel Livestream.

Our Policy Crunch events occur at monthly intervals throughout 2018/2019, some of which have already been announced and are available for registration. Click the hyperlink for each event below to register early and ensure a space!

October 10th : National Security and Exponential Technologies: Preparing for Disruption

November 6th :Inclusive Innovation: Progress, Disruption and the Role of Government

December 5th :Augmented Reality and its Implications for Government

The full details of subsequent events will be announced in due course, so continue to check in on our website for future dates. The Policy Crunch series leads up to the IOG’s signature Digital Governance Forum in Mid-May. This year the Digital Governance Forum will focus on the subject of Open Government. Stay tuned for more information, and see you at the Policy Crunch!

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Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins

Senior Researcher

Mark's work principally addresses impact of the digital revolution on government, governance and public administration as well as how government itself impacts technological development through its actions for governing the ICT sector. Mark can be found working on a range of projects related to 21st century policy areas including digital transformation, innovation, digital government and artificial intelligence. When not writing research, Mark also organizes the IOG's Policy Crunch speaker series and annual Future Forum conference.

Prior to joining the IOG, he held various research positions on economic and political affairs, including at the Munk School at the University of Toronto, the Conference Board of Canada, UN-ESCAP, the Canadian Transportation Agency and the Parliament of Canada. Mark holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Political Science from the University of Ottawa, an M.A. in Political Economy from Carleton University and a certificate in commerce from Mohawk College.

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