Dr. Sara Filbee joins the IOG with the Fellows Program

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It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Sara Filbee, Public Servant in Residence in the Dalhousie School of Public Administration, will be the first member of our newly established Fellows Program.

The Fellows Programs was developed during the end of 2020 to enhance our Leading Expertise in the practice of public governance in Canada and abroad. Comprised of recognized leaders in the professional and academic worlds, our team of fellows will work with IOG staff and associates to:

  • Originate and collaborate in good governance research and experimentation in their areas of expertise;
  • lead and participate in our events and guest lectures; and
  • provide advice and counsel on the efficacy and offerings of our programs and services.

Dr. Filbee joins the Fellows Program with a wealth of expertise from her public, non-governmental, and private careers, including Assistant Deputy Minister positions within the Government of Canada, President of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, Corporate Commercial Law Partner and Vice-President for astart-up company providing web-enabled human resources tools.

Dr. Filbee will be working with the IOG to advance her research in the area of complexity in institutional decision-making, providing guest lectures and participating in or leading events.

Good luck to Dr. Filbee and welcome to the IOG Community!


If you are interested in learning more about our Fellows Program, visit our webpage or contact us at info@iog.ca.

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