Election Day has moved into overtime

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By Stephen Van Dine, Senior Vice-President, Public Governance


Election Day has moved into overtime. The night was long but the morning came as predicted. Thankfully, markets opened and people went on about their daily affairs taking kids to school, going to work, shopping and other normal activities – as much as they can be during a global pandemic. And the election process continues with no clear winner in sight (at the time of this blog).

Public servants are working around the clock to process, validate and communicate results under the glare of national and international media. Megan Wolfe, Administrator with the Wisconsin Elections Commission is giving a master class in media relations.


Through her interviews in one of the more hotly contested states, Wisconsin, she is guiding the public through the media clearly, calmly, factually and transparently. Ms. Wolfe is explaining the state rules established by state legislation governing the election in Wisconsin, as well as the steps and progress her non-partisan organization is making in real time. That is #goodgovernance in #tryingcircumstances also known as #graceunderpressure. Bravo Megan Wolfe for answering the call to public service and keep up the good work. Your country needs you. Thank you for giving it your professional all…as any professional athlete would do in the final minutes of the playoffs. And for the rest of us, take note how a public servant can briefly take centre stage and play a valuable public service role confidently and knowledgeably. #servingproudly

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