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You may have seen a little story that’s been circulating on social media these days. A financial advisor asks a CEO, “What if we pay to develop our people and they leave?,” to which the CEO answers, “What if we don’t and they stay?” The IOG is aware of the strategic importance of developing leaders in the public service. Therefore, we are proud to offer you, starting this January, an extended range of services.

Leaders develop first by understanding who they are, their strengths, and their areas for development. The IOG will now offer organizations and individuals two excellent 360-feedback instruments based on the six Key Leadership Competencies of the Public Service of Canada. These tools will include a strict confidential approach and one-on-one debrief with a certified member of our team.

Working in the public sector, interpersonal effectiveness is at the heart of work. To support your development efforts in this area, the IOG is proud to offer a well-known and celebrated tool: Insights Discovery. The Insights workshops are fun, insightful, and extremely effective for both individuals and teams. To complement this tool, we will also be offering two instruments and accompanying workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency.

Learning about yourself is the beginning of the journey. To further your development as a leader, a coach is an invaluable resource. Our coaches will offer you individual and highly effective coaching programs to help you develop the skills that you identify as important to you. We also offer career coaching and interview preparation for executive level positions.

To support leaders who are at the manager level, the Institute now offers two unique and well-established leadership development programs: the Indigenous Leadership Program and Stepping Into the Executive Cadre. These programs are designed for middle managers and offer an in-depth learning experience over the course of 9 months. Our next cohort of these programs start in March.

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