Missan 2020 Budget Presentation Workshop

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By Mike Fleet, IOG Senior Researcher

As part of IOG’s work in Iraq, where we work on the fiscal decentralization project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, the IOG and the Missan Province of Iraq hosted the 2020 budget presentation workshop on July 9th of 2019. Participants discussed and refined the budgets of each sector in line with Ministry of Finance requirements. This exercise was attended by 40 participants, with a mixture of budgetary leads from government sectors, the Chair of the Provincial Council, and the Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate. This work is being done toward building the capacity in the province to better develop and execute on a provincial budget as provinces assume more responsibilities from the decentralization process. On July 23rd, Diwaniyah and Missan presented their provincial budgets to the Ministry of Finance as part of this work.

The IOG is working with the Iraqi provinces of Diwaniyah and Missan and the Iraqi federal government to advise and assist in the decentralization process.


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