Iog Partners With Arctic360 To Create The Forum For Arctic Infrastructure Innovation

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The Institute on Governance (IOG) is partnering with Arctic360 to create the Forum for Arctic Infrastructure Innovation that will, over the next two years, convene institutional investors, venture capital, the technology industry, transportation companies, Arctic leaders, policy experts, and Northern industry to explore the research, development and investment required for Canada to realize its Arctic potential.

“There has been growing discussion over the past few years about Canada’s role in the Arctic and specifically, how Canada can re-establish its international role as a political and economic leader in the region,” said IOG President Toby Fyfe. “There is no doubt that, to do so, will require the development of 21stCentury infrastructure and innovative technologies that will also create the means for building sustainable and prosperous Arctic communities.”

The IOG’s expertise in 21stCentury governance challenges and its extensive knowledge of government policy, innovation and infrastructure will build on Arctic360’s ongoing policy initiatives that help promote and attract Canadian and global investment in the North American Arctic in order to create a more prosperous future for Canada’s Arctic.

“To date, there has been a lack of necessary public sector capital investment required to close the infrastructure gap in Canada’s North,” said Fyfe. “We need to be smarter and better, and we need to be innovative, if we are going to find solutions to fill this gap; the Forum for Arctic Infrastructure Innovation will help us do that.”

The Institute on Governance is a Canada-based global practitioner in the field of governance. Since its inception in 1990, the IOG has advanced better understanding and practice of good governance with federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and Indigenous governments, and not-for-profit organizations in Canada, as well as with similar organizations and governments in some 35 countries around the world. It provides leading-edge research, expertise and thinking on emerging governance trends, as well as options for meeting them, and it incorporates these findings directly into its classrooms and advisory work.

Arctic360 works with Indigenous development corporations, Northern governments, the private sector, the federal government, Arctic leaders, and other stakeholders to help promote and attract Canadian and global investment in the North American Arctic.

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