IOG Leadership Learning: Live and Unplugged

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For IOG President Toby Fyfe, “interactive” learning means engaging with colleagues, having face-to-face conversations, sharing experiences, and learning from experts and inspiring instructors. “Interactive” learning is not, he says, “click-on-a-button, go-to-the-next-screen, press-save-and-submit, you’re done. At the IOG, all our learning is live and unplugged.”

All of the IOG’s learning is conducted entirely in-person. “Participants in our IOG leadership programs are able to get away from day-to-day pressures and debate key issues about the future of government, and their role in it,” he says. “Led by former senior public servants who bring a world of experience to the classroom, our programs enable current public servants to hone their personal leadership skills that they not only take back to the office, but carry with them for the rest of their careers."

IOG offers five different types of leadership development programs to help public servants focus on specific areas of policy and governance, including digital, science and innovation, and municipal intergovernmental relations; there is also a program for those who are exploring a move into the executive cadre.

“Leadership programs for the public service of today have to prepare leaders for the public service of tomorrow,” says Fyfe. “Managing as usual is simply not an option, especially when our institutions are facing a world of declining public trust, disruptive change and complex issues.”

Explore which IOG leadership development program may be best for you in this changing world or at this time in your career.

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