IOG Commentary On Open Data Featured in Policy Options

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The IOG’s work was recently featured in Policy Options, one of Canada’s leading forums for intellectuals to discuss and debate matters of policy. Entitled Open Data: An Open-Ended Question, the research piece examines the Open Data movement in review. It compares the anticipated benefits of increasing openness in government and having greater public availability of data, with the much more modest benefits of Open Data that actually materialized.

By our assessment, this shortfall has less to do with how the Open Data portal have been rolled-out- by most measures a rather successful initiative- and more to do with the ability of the wider policy community to make use of this new data in its research. What is ultimately missing in the government’s approach to Open Data is a wider perspective that goes beyond the formal line of government control and includes careful consideration for the capacities of civil society.

For more on this and other pressing governance issues, stay tuned for future IOG publications, events and courses.

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