Collaboration Corner: November events brought to you by the IOG and other great organizations

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By Rebecca Hollett, Marketing Analyst

At the IOG, we work towards advancing better governance in the public interest and offering relevant learning opportunities to our clients. When we get the opportunity to put our expertise together with that of partners who provide diversity of thought and experience, we know we are both strengthening this mission and bringing better opportunities to you. So, check out our November roster of great events:

Policy Crunch: Renegotiating the Social Contract Between Science and Society with speakers from Genome Canada and the University of Ottawa – November 12th

This month’s Policy Crunch will explore the role of science in addressing modern societal changes that will also include a look at funding, advice, and relevancy. We are welcoming great speakers from Genome Canada and the University of Ottawa. Dr. Rob Annan, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Communications at Genome Canada, drives an open and collaborative strategy that promotes the value and potential of genomics in Canada to major stakeholders. Rees Kassen, University of Ottawa, is a leading researcher, educator, and author in evolutionary biology and brings to the conversation his experience in leading work between science, society, and policy. In collaboration with IOG’s expert team in science and innovation, we are looking forward to a great evening of conversation and ideas that move towards modernizing the science-society relationship. Learn more about the event here.

Crowdsourcing: An IOG Alumni Breakfast with John Stroud, CEO, CrowdBridge – November 27th

When IOG Leadership Program Alumni finish their program, our relationship with them doesn’t end there. We welcome this community back for events to further their learning, and strengthen their relationships and leadership experiences. At the end of November, we are hosting a breakfast event for our alumni on crowdsourcing with accomplished executive John Stroud of CrowdBridge. John has extensive experience in collective intelligence and crowdsourcing as they apply to strategic planning, innovation, governance, engagement, risk management, and performance measurement. This joint IOG and CrowdBridge interactive breakfast workshop, 7:30AM – 9:30AM, will provide an understanding of how you can leverage the “wisdom of crowds” to make better decisions and improve results. Let us know (hyperlink to email) if you want to learn more about this event.

Digital Ethics Workshop with Saint Paul University – November 28th

This workshop has been developed as a partnership between the IOG, Saint Paul University, the CIO Strategy Council, and digital government expert Ryan Androsoff (who leads our popular Digital Executive Leadership Program– “ELP Digi”). This partnership has allowed us to put together a unique offering that brings both an academic understanding of the key ethical issues facing the adoption of disruptive technologies in government, along with a practical lens to explore what this means for public servants in their daily work. Read about the format and highlights of the workshop here.

Deliberation: Turning Stakeholder Tensions into Solutions with Dr. Don Lenihan – November 21 & 22

Dr. Don Lenihan is an IOG Associate and President and CEO of Middle Ground Policy Research. He is an internationally recognized expert on public engagement, governance, policy development, and organizational change. Dr. Lenihan leads this two-day workshop which teaches the skills and tools to build a broad collaborative approach to reaching decisions and sharing outcomes through the process of deliberation. Get the course description and more details about the process of deliberation here.

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Rebecca Hollett

Rebecca Hollett

Marketing Analyst

Rebecca joined the Institute on Governance in January 2018.

Prior to joining the IOG, Rebecca spent ten years in the theatre exhibition industry in guest service, management, human resources, learning events and talent development. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Rebecca is interested in innovative thought and new ideas, and is passionate about social and environmental responsibility.

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