Canada - Iraq : Building the Future Together a great success at the IOG

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On October 17, the event entitled “Canada-Iraq: Building the Future Together” was hosted by the Institute on Governance with the collaboration of the Iraqi Ambassador to Canada. The event was to celebrate the support the Government of Canada is providing to the country and the people of Iraq in building democratic institutions, advancing the rights of women, and providing a secure state.

The speakers were:

  • The Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development
  • His Excellency Abdulkareem Kaab, the Ambassador of Iraq to Canada
  • The President of the Institute on Governance, Mr. Toby Fyfe
  • The Chairman of the Iraqi Canadian Business Council, Mr. Amin Abdul-Fattah

The guests were a number of Canadian members of parliament, ambassadors and officials of embassies from countries of the same region, members of Iraqi community in Canada, officials from Global Affairs Canada, and individuals who have a deep interest in the state and re-development of Iraq.

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