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 As Canada and the world experience the global pandemic that is COVID-19, the word ‘unprecedented’ is continually used in conversations and coverage of this unfolding crisis.  The challenges government leaders and officials are facing are most certainly ‘unprecedented’, with high expectations from citizens, business, and media. The IOG is here to help you and the public service navigate through the crisis. 

Our IOG’s commitment to provide ‘(l)eading expertise in dealing with the most challenging issues of the day’ has never been more relevant.  We are responding to your needs at this critical time with the knowledge and support you are looking for.  We are monitoring public service concerns and challenges through our vast networks of government leaders and officials and are shaping our programming based on what we are hearing. 

Leadership, communications, resiliency, managing virtual teams and teams expected to perform in times of high anxiety are some of the challenges we have heard. Equally, we understand there is a pressing need for a resource that can provide best practices both within Canada and from around the world.  What has worked in times of crisis, and why and how can it be adapted to your organization at this critical time?  

We are offering a new suite of virtual, interactive events, seminars, and live question and answer sessions to help you, your colleagues and your organizations address these and other immediate and pressing challenges of this new world.  We will connect you with our research, our networks of experts, decision-makers, coaches and mentors.  We will provide you with learning and guidance to help you succeed through this crisis, whether you are contributing remotely or on the front lines.  

Immediate issues need immediate action, and the IOG is here to help government leaders and officials learn from the crisis as it unfolds and use those lessons to prepare for the new world. We are offering a webcast each week with leaders who will share with you their learnings and knowledge in dealing with crises. Every Monday morning, we will launch your week with the latest in what Canadians are thinking about COVID19 from Ipsos President Mike Colledge.   

Our first-class public service learning programs are now being offered online.  Conveniently grouped into four topic streams (Policy, Innovation, Leadership and Government Essentials), they offer public servants all across Canada and from all jurisdictions opportunities to increase their skills for when things return to normal.

We invite you to visit our website – www.iog.ca– to get the latest updates, guidance and commentary on the current and ever-changing state of the world.  

We can all learn from this situation, and must continue to learn throughout it; that is our collective responsibility and opportunity.

Stay safe, listen to public health and government officials, and support each other.  

Toby Fyfe
IOG President