Modernizing government in Iraq: An IOG, UN and Iraqi government collaboration

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Mf Iraq

IOG President Maryantonett Flumian with Sheikh Mansour Tamimi, Deputy Chair of the Iraqi Parliamentary Committee on Regions and Governorates, following two days of meetings between the Institute on Governance and the Committee focused on finalizing the Iraqi legislation on federal-provincial relations.

The Institute is on a 3 week mission in Iraq as part of the UNDP and UNESCWA's Public Service Modernization Program in Iraq.

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Maryantonett Flumian

Maryantonett Flumian


As the President of the Institute on Governance, Maryantonett Flumian is responsible for the development of the Institute’s vision and strategic direction, project and partnership development, and the fostering of programs to promote public discussion of governance issues.

She is a seasoned senior executive at the Deputy Minister level in the Canadian federal Public Service with more than 20 years of large-scale operational experience in the economic, social and federal/provincial domains. She is internationally recognized for her work as a transformational leader across many complex areas of public policy and administration such as labour markets, firearms, fisheries, and environmental issues. She was the first Deputy Minister of Service Canada. Her current research focuses on leadership, collaboration, governance, and the transformational potential of technology primarily in the area of citizen-centered services. Maryantonett was at the University of Ottawa between 2006 and 2009 initiating programming for the development of senior public service leaders.

Maryantonett holds a Master’s Degree in History and completed comprehensive exams towards a PhD in History at the University of Ottawa.