IOG Supports the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization in Baghdad

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Sylvain Dubois, Vice President – Public Governance at the Institute on Governance with Dr. Hamid Ahmed, Deputy Chairman of the Iraq Prime Minister’s Advisory Commission and host of the Conference.

In its convening role, the Institute on Governance (IOG) supported the participation of the world renowned, Montréal-based Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRLV) at a conference in Baghdad this past March on the topic “Education in Iraq post Daesh-ISIL Terror”. This collaboration was conducted under the auspices of the resiliency-building component of the IOG’s Iraqi program funded by Global Affairs Canada. CPRLV is the first independent, UN-recognized, non-profit organization aimed at preventing violent radicalization and providing support to individuals impacted by the phenomenon.

CPRLV representatives, Dr. Herman Deparice-Okomba, executive director, and Roxane Martel-Perron M.Sc., Prevention and Skills Development Manager, provided advice to the Iraqi government on the re-integration of youth who grew up under the control of the Islamic State group. This advice centred on potential reforms of the education system to build resiliency against militancy, particularly in those areas formerly held under IS controlled areas and schools, which practiced indoctrination. Thousands of students have been returning back to re-opened schools by Iraqi authorities as conflict subsides, as reported by UNICEF.

Dr. Deparice-Okomba, recommended to the minister of Education to hold a national conference to fully evaluate the total effects and impacts of Daesh-ISIL in the past decade. Areas of consideration proposed by the CPRLV focused on reforms that emphasize Iraq’s history of tolerance and national reconciliation, as well as community-based approaches. Further recommendations by the non-profit include the creation of a psychosocial intervention department, a violent extremism prevention policy, training for front-line practitioners (psychologists, religious figures etc.), and reintegration programmes for children who attended IS-led schools, in order to provide a prosperous path forward for the children and youth of Iraq.

Dr. Herman Deparice-Okomba, Executive Director at CPRLV speaking on the topic: “How to intervene in the face of ideological indoctrination and the Islamic State’s (IS) combat in post-conflict Iraq?”
Roxane Martel-Perron M.Sc., Prevention and Skills Development Manager, presenting on the topic: “Transforming Iraq’s education system into an instrument of resilience in the face of violent extremism”

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Sylvain Dubois

Sylvain Dubois

Vice President - Public Governance

Sylvain Dubois is Vice President – Public Governance at the Institute on Governance. Sylvain works in the Public Governance sector on various advisory projects and serves as a resource for the classroom in various training programs, notably the Executive Leadership Program. He is also involved as a resource in the Public Governance Exchange (PGEx), the IOG’s signature project on leading edge governance issues and practices.

Sylvain holds a Bachelor and a master of laws, both from the University of Ottawa, and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1978. With more than 30 years in the Federal public service, Sylvain is an action and result-oriented executive. With experience in the public and private sector and at the international level, Sylvain possesses a strong legal background with proven expertise in governance, ethics, security and organizational development, acquired notably as Director of operations at the Machinery of Government Secretariat in the Privy Council Office. He also has a long experience in public policy acquired over a 20-year period in various departments and agencies, notably in Service Canada as Senior Director General of Integrity Services and as Deputy Chief Electoral Officer responsible for the political financing regulatory program. He also has a rich experience of negotiation and mediation, acquired among others during his eight years spent in the private sector. Experienced in the provision of strategic advice to senior executives, with ability to work across organizational boundaries and engage stakeholders effectively, Sylvain has demonstrated capacity to liaise with various audiences within and outside government and capacity to work with limited information and with a high tolerance for ambiguity. Sylvain is a team player, consensus builder and credible spokesperson with a keen sense of ethics and commitment. He has managed staff up to approximately 200 employees and budgets up to $22M. Sylvain is an active community volunteer.

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