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Are you looking for comments on current events in the media?

Contact the IOGs staff in their field of expertise.


Gérard Étienne, B.Adm, B. Soc, M.Ed, Msc. RI., MBA
Vice President - Diversity and Inclusion

Expertise: Leadership Development; Diversity and Inclusion


Jeff Kinder, PhD
Executive Director, Science and Innovation

Expertise: Science Policy; Innovation Policy; Government Laboratories


Karl Salgo, BA, JD, MPA
Executive Director, Public Governance

Expertise: Governance of Public Institutions; Machinery of Government; Public Service and Conduct Norms

Michael Oneill

Michael A. O'Neill, PhD

Senior Director, Governance Capacity or whatever my title is this week

Expertise: Public Governance - Crown corporations, Public-Private Partnership, and other government bodies; Public sector reforms and innovation; Civil society and the not for profit sector; parliament

Catherine E1366736963349

Catherine Waters, BA, MAPPA, MSc
Manager, Learning Lab

Expertise: Northern Governance; Government of Nunavut; Inuit Employment


Mike Fleet, BA, MA
Senior Researcher

Expertise: Iraq Politics; Post-Conflict Development; Federalism


Mark Robins, BA, MA
Senior Researcher

Expertise: Digital Governance; Digital Trade Policy; Innovation Policy