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Being the pre-eminent, independent Canadian source of knowledge, research and advice on public governance and its continuous improvement means that we are constantly growing our research to help you ensure good governance.

Access our leading expertise through our research

We integrate our research and practice-based insights into everything we do. We disseminate and test our research findings through our workshops, conferences and learning products, apply them in practice through our advisory services and make some available freely on our website or to members though syndication. Contact us for more information about how to become a member of our syndicated research programs.

Our research addresses your specific needs

We build and maintain our leading expertise in research in a number of interrelated ways:

  • Collaborating with multi-sector leaders to identify emerging trends and respond to critical governance issues
  • Forging partnerships with academic institutions and research councils (e.g. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), and National Scientific and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)) to conduct research, mobilize knowledge and promote innovation
  • Gathering independent evidence by administering public surveys to promote new insights
  • Convening thought leaders, elected officials and academic researchers to analyze issues, identify research challenges and formulate broadly based actionable research plans
  • Conducting detailed case studies and analysis to promote organizational learning and policy proposals

Current Practice Areas

Clients frequently commission us to conduct specific governance related research to support their work and help them achieve their objectives. We also conduct applied research across all our domains of expertise:

Digital Governance Applied Research Program More >

We recently launched a new multi-year Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-funded (SSHRC) project to develop a national and international partnership to generate actionable governance insights for the digital era. This research was born out of the recognition that the discourse around governance in a digital era must move beyond technological change to an understanding of the disruptive nature of digital transformation as fundamentally recasting the role and responsibilities of governments, citizens and other actors. Our ambitious research agenda repositions Governance in the digital era as the central challenge facing governing institutions and societies in the coming decades where no one owns information, power is dispersed and authority and accountability need to be reconceived. Learn more about our work on Digital Governance or read more about our leading expertise in Modernizing Government.

Public Governance Survey 2016 More >

Canadian Public Opinion on Governance 2016


Do Canadians have confidence in their governing institutions? Is the public onside with fundamental changes like electoral reform? Do we trust our government? The Institute on Governance has partnered with the Environics Institute for Survey Research to gauge Canadians’ attitudes to public institutions in 2016. 

Public Governance Exchange More >

The IOG’s signature research project over the past several years has been the Public Governance Exchange (PGEx). PGEx has yielded a number of new insights into the structures of government and how its various relationships and accountabilities have and will continue to evolve. Our research in this area has helped us create a number of products – such as a Governance Scorecard and an Autonomy Index – that have been fully integrated into our advisory work and learning products. Deploying these tools in a “real world” context continues to inform our research efforts in public sector governance. Learn more about the IOG’s Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) or read more about our leading expertise in Public Sector Governance.

The Talent Management Exchange (TMEx) More >

The Talent Management Exchange (TMEx) is a federal and provincial government community of practice that builds talent management capacity among its members by sharing experiences, insights and practical approaches to talent management as it adapts to the changing needs, circumstances and expectations of the public service. In this shared space, the IOG offers members the benefit of our facilitation, expertise, analytical tools, directed research and, with Monster Canada, software solutions. Learn more about the benefits of a TMEx membership.

Indigenous Research Agenda More >

The IOG’s Indigenous Research Agenda is both multi-year and multidisciplinary. It pursues evidence-based solutions and modern approaches to governance to provide practical direction to those looking to close the gap between Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. Our research topics in this area are determined on the basis of timely, relevant subject matters and key governance issues that have emerged from Indigenous client groups, government priorities and public dialogue symposiums. Our research agenda and its subjects are vetted by “Thought Leaders” who represent key stakeholders from Indigenous communities and institutions, practitioners, public sector and academia. Learn more about our Indigenous Research Agenda or read more about our leading expertise in Indigenous Governance.

Board and Organizational Governance More >

Research has played a small but important role for our Board and Organizational Governance practice over the years. We have published a number of policy briefs on current and emerging issues facing not-for-profit public interest institutions. In some cases the research to feed these publications was drawn – with permission – from paid research done with clients and in other cases, original research was undertaken. These publications are always made available online for free in support of our charitable status. Read more about our leading expertise in Board and Organizational Governance.

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