Report on the Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Food Irradiation

This report summarizes a workshop on food irradiation, which IOG designed and facilitated at the request of the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada in early 2005. Food irradiation is a process that involves using radiation treatment to improve food safety through the elimination of food-borne bacteria, and is currently used in the production of potatoes, onions and flour. In 2002, the federal government proposed amending regulations governing the use of food irradiation in Canada to extend the permitted use of irradiation to ground beef, poultry, shrimp and prawns, and mangoes.

This workshop provided a forum for open discussion on this controversial issue, focusing on voluntary approaches to irradiated foods served in food service and restaurant establishments. The event involved representatives from advocacy groups, industrial associations, and all levels of government.


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  • Ellis Westwood

  • Marc Saner

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